Jacob Rees-Mogg quits cabinet as ‘socialist’ Rishi Sunak reshuffles government


akab Rees-Mogg resigned as business secretary after admitting he would not get a job at Rishi Sunak’s Office despite abandoning his claim to a new one prime minister was a “socialist”.

Old ally a Boris Johnson and Liz Truss was the first to admit on Tuesday that he had left as the newly appointed Conservative leader began Govt shaking

A source close to Mr Rees-Mogg told the PA news agency: “He knows he was very close to the two previous regimes and it did not seem likely that he would be appointed to the new cabinet.

“He is happy to support the Prime Minister from the backbenches.”

During the latest Tory leadership contest, Mr Rees-Mogg called Mr Sunock a “much-mourned socialist chancellor” who brought in taxes during the coronavirus pandemic.

And he accused Mr Sunak of being “disloyal” to Mr Johnson, with many Conservatives blaming the new leader for toppling the old one by leaving as chancellor.

But Mr Rees-Mogg refused on Tuesday and told The Telegraph he would now serve in Mr Sunak’s government if asked.

When asked about the “socialist” accusation, the deputy answered: “It was said on the eve of the leadership campaign, in completely different circumstances.

“The leader of the Conservative Party is clearly not a socialist.”

Mr Sunak has vowed to “build a government that represents the best traditions of my party” as he seeks to unite the warring factions.

Brandon Lewis resigned as justice minister as Mr Sunack held meetings in his new office in the House of Commons.

“Our party is at a crossroads,” Mr Lewis said in his resignation letter to the prime minister.

“Now we have an opportunity to regroup and rebuild and we must take advantage of it. We must come together and deliver on the mandate given to us by the British people.

“We have a duty to the country to do this at a time of economic hardship for many. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the Conservative Party and everything we stand for is at stake if we do not.

“You will have my support from the backbenches in tackling the economic crisis we face, uniting our party and delivering on the promises we made in the 2019 manifesto that won us such an overwhelming majority.”

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