“We have vaccines against it,” Ja said, “we have treatments. And it spreads quite differently than SARS-CoV-2. It’s not as contagious as Covid. So I’m sure we can hold it in our hands. “

But Ja agreed with President Joe Biden that the situation needs to be monitored: “I think the president is right: every time we have such an outbreak of infections, we should all pay attention.”

Cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in recent days in a number of European countries, as well as in the US, Canada and Australia, it has been suggested that the disease may have become more transmissible than before. Smallpox is associated with smallpox, although less deadly.

Ja also spoke of the Biden administration’s ongoing concerns about Kovid.

“We know,” said Ja Raddatsu, “that this virus is developing very fast, and each iteration of it has more and more immune escape.”

Ja said there are now many tools that can be used to combat Covid, including vaccinations and therapies, but different and better vaccines still need to be developed.

He added: «We are also planning a variety of scenarios, including a wave of infection this fall and winter, and ensuring that we have a new generation of vaccines that we are currently working on, that we have treatments and tests, and we have the resources. ”


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