Linda Robson has officially shut down rumors that she has quarreled with a friend and boyfriend Birds feather partner Pauline Quirk.

The 63-year-old actress confirmed the record, claiming they are still in touch and remain close despite recent rumors of contrast.

Reports of the bitter discharge of their membership began to appearwhen Pauline quit Birds of a Feather in 2017, after a long stint as Sharon Theodolopodus to leave Linda and Leslie Joseph to continue without her.

Moreover, rumors of a breakup were sparked by Pauline’s absence during the 2020 special issue of Birds of a Feather, which sparked further speculation.

Pauline refused to return to the show for a special issue dedicated to the 30th anniversary

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In 2021, it was allegedly claimed that the relationship between them had become so heated that childhood friends were forcibly separated by crew members during filming at Teddington Studios in West London.

Responding to rumors, Linda insisted that the couple remained good friends and that they never “quarreled”.

“It’s a bunch of old bullshit that we had consequences,” Linda said.

“We did not quarrel and never quarreled. I have been friends with her for ten years. We never quarreled. “

Both Linda and Pauline were spotted on Instagram over dinner with Leslie on Tuesday, which was posted by the Loose Woman star along with the caption:

“A wonderful dinner with my beautiful friends at @thedelaunay.”

Linda, Pauline and Leslie starred together
Linda, Pauline and Leslie starred together in “Birds of a Feather.”

Linda, who played Tracy Stubbs in the sitcom, said Daily Mirror: “I was out to dinner with Pauline last Friday in London, The Delaunay, and [Birds of a Feather reunion] discussed. “

The classic sitcom was broadcast on the BBC between 1989 and 1998, before ITV was revived from 2014 to 2016, followed by a one-off Christmas issue in 2020.

Linda adds that her “loyalty” is linked to ITV and speaks of a return solely to the broadcaster.

She said: “It started on the BBC and then we switched to ITV. We could go to the BBC, but our loyalty is ITV, because they brought us back after all this time. “

As Pauline refused to appear in the Christmas issue, Linda also said that although she wanted to quit acting, it did not stop them from keeping in touch.

Linda Robson was furious over Peter Andre's comments with Rebecca Vardy, which she shared on Friday
Linda is now a well known person on Loose Women

Linda said: “Obviously I couldn’t see her during the blockade, but I’ve seen her ever since. She just doesn’t want to act anymore. She’ll have enough – long hours.

“She is focused on her drama academies. She is very stubborn, goes to classes and all that.

“I see Leslie [Joseph] all the time because last year we won the Celebrity Coach Trip trip. And during the closing, I left funny things on her doorstep, such as Tena Lady and hair dye! ”

Linda confirmed that when she was ill, both Leslie and Pauline called regularly to check on her, adding: “They were both very supportive and really were for me.”

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