Families who died Coronavirus covid infection-19 say Boris Johnson “Lied” and treated them as “dirt” after publication Sue Grayreport on parties violating the blocking regime.

A group of 4,000 families who lost loved ones from Covid-19 attacked the Prime Minister after his government was accused of “serious failure” to meet “standards expected of the entire British population” during Pandemic Covid.

A woman who lost her father in April 2020 told The Independent she was “sick” of the findings of Sue Gray’s report and urged Mr Johnson to resign.

Her investigation of party No. 10 found that in issue 10 “too little thought was given to” the risks they posed to the health of the population and how they might appear to the public. “

The results showed that dozens of employees attended a drunken party planned two weeks earlier, where red wine was spilled on the wall, which one person became ill due to “excessive alcohol consumption”, and between the other two participants of the party took place a small quarrel. “

Employees of the Department of Health and Social Welfare and special advisers were present along with №10 officials who attended a meeting on May 15. Former Health Minister Matt Hancock reportedly attended the meeting at 6pm after the press conference and left at 6:25pm.

Lobby Aquinola, a spokesman for the families of Covid-19 victims for justice, said: “Although the country had one of the world’s highest death rates from Covid-19, they [No10] celebrated for cheese and wine and drank the sick.

“When they wrote to their colleagues to get out of hand, we had to write to their families that they could not come to the funeral of their loved ones. Reports in the report show that they knew how disrespectful the families in their failures were, but that did not bother them. “

“Not content with parties until he was able to protect our loved ones, the prime minister has been ignoring and lying to us for months. He treated us the way they treated their cleaners and security guards, who at the time challenged the violation of their law: as if we were an inconvenience, as if we were dirt. ”

She said MPs who kept Mr Johnson in power were “no better”, adding: “We will never forget to be separate from those closest to us until they die, or that we will have to hold mourning funerals only with few people, millions of people will never forgive them for the disrespect they have shown. ”

Mr Hancock’s spokesman said Matt had not been criticized in Sue Gray’s investigation. Inclusion The goal is a factual statement that sets out exactly what he said at the time. He was there to get acquainted with the team and the Prime Minister before leaving Downing Street at 6.25pm ​​to continue work. ”

“Destructive” death

Gene Adamson, whose father Aldrick died of Covid-19 on April 15, recounted how she had seen him from the window in the last moments of his life.

Ms. Adamson described her father as a “very gentle, contented family man” who loved to play instruments and sang to his great-grandchildren.

On April 9, Ms. Adamson and her family said her parents probably had Covid.

She told The Independent: “The nursing home was closed, we, as a nation, were closed and I could not go in and see it. It was one of the hardest times of my life when I knew my father was dying and couldn’t even touch his hand. You know, it was devastating, so I talked to him through the window.

She said her family was unable to give Mr. Adamson the funeral he deserved, and only a few people were allowed to gather at his grave.

Speaking about the revelations in the Sue Gray report, Ms. Adamson said: “I am sick of knowing that the Prime Minister of this country and his people, the staff who worked for him and other ministers are just clearly breaking the rules and breaking the law. .. they really did not respect all of us as a nation that laughs at us, really mocks us ”.

“We have a prime minister who is unfit for office … but instead of resigning, doing an honorable job, resigning, he is holding on to power.”


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