Gary O’Neill has criticized the ‘horrible decision’ to allow Kurt Zouma to score a controversial goal in BournemouthDefeated 2-0 by West Ham.

Ouma’s first goal since November 2021 was allowed by VAR despite a clean handball by Thiel Kerrer.

The defender lifted the ball into the air from Jarrod Bowen’s corner before Chris Mepham headed the ball home, Thomas Suchek nodded back and eventually crossed the line via the top of Zouma’s head.

Stokely Park were told that as the ball was not deliberate and did not lead directly to the goal, it was allowed to stand.

O’Neill was booked for his protests just before half-time and made his feelings clear to referee David Coote at full-time.

“I do it every minute of the game,” said the Cherries caretaker boss.

“Obviously we’re disappointed with the first goal, it was a terrible decision. Can’t stand it, it can’t be the goal.

“His hand was moving towards the ball. I cannot see how this can be given. I just can’t believe we have to discuss this, it’s handball 100 times out of 100.”

Bournemouth’s success left them again in stoppage time when Vladimir Koufal’s cross fell to substitute Jordan Zemura as Cherera slid in to block and Saeed Benrahma converted the penalty.

“It’s hard for guys,” O’Neill added. “The way it’s going at the moment is really unfortunate.

“They get one break and cross the ball with almost anyone in the box. Anyone who has ever slid for a ball won’t have their hands close, it’s impossible.

“It’s hard to take the huge advantage West Ham got with two handballs and we didn’t get any advantage from the ball going into Jordan’s hand.”

Hammers boss David Moyes recently complained that too many calls were going against his side – but the Scot was certainly lucky this time.

“I didn’t really see any of the incidents,” he said. “Obviously Bournemouth are disappointed with the way things have gone. But I would say our game deserved better goals than we scored.”

West Ham’s win lifted them seven places to 10th in the Premier League.

“We are in a decent position after a bad start to the season,” he added.

“It’s a big lift, nobody wants to be there, let’s not joke.

“But we deserved more points, we had a lot of bad decisions. We need to be more clinical and I thought we played really well tonight.”