And if they need an extra dose of inspiration, they just need to turn to Hemsworth Sr., who is a brilliant beacon of success in marriage for decades on end.

“My mom tells this story of when she was younger and had been married to my dad for years. He wrote her a clear and detailed letter and she said, ‘I remember thinking,’ Oh, he loves me, ‘ and so it is. ” stupid because I knew he loved me, ”Hemsworth shared GQ. “But when it was said with such depth, it struck another chord.”

He admitted that he is not so good at writing, but no less passionate. “I tell her I love her, there is no shortage. But I think there are no details as to why and how, ”he said.

Still, there are few claims against his wife. (Well, except for his frequent lack of clothing and propensity to lose the sense of time while surfing.) “I think our years together have been great,” Pataki said Vogue. “Every marriage has its ups and downs – it’s a constant job to be in a successful marriage and stay together forever.” But if your love feels predestined, your couple is written in stars (or at least in ink on your hand), well, then it’s worth the effort.

(Originally published on May 11, 2019 at 3 a.m. Tennis Time)

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