У The island of love teaser episode on Thursday night, Ekin-Su Kuljulaglu and Jay YoungerThe 28-year-old sneaks in to share what seems like a cheeky kiss together.

Crawling along the balcony of the villa, Ekin-Su could be seen watching to make sure no one was around, as she was soon followed by the newly arrived Jay.

Sitting in the corner, Jay approaches the 27-year-old beauty from Essex, holds her by the face and leans over for a kiss.

Their kiss comes after David Sanklimentsialso 27 years old, didn’t look impressed when watching the couple on their romantic date in the episode on wednesday night to entertain spectators Love Island.

Bombs from New Love Island Jay and Remy invited Ekin-soo on a date

Things were tough for the couplewhich are now connected, after David seems to be holding his cards too close to his chest, leaving Ekin-Su to ask if he is still interested in her.

With that in mind, Ekin-Su admitted that she was curious to meet Scotsman Jay after he walked into the villa in an episode on Tuesday night.

She was now on two dates with the bombs Jay and Remy Lambert, which David was watching from the balcony of the villa.

As Ekin-Su’s date with Remi came to an end, one could hear David say to the boys, “Play the game with Monopoly, not me.”

Ekin-Soo and Scotsman Jay share a date with a piece of spaghetti Lady and the Tramp
Ekin-Soo and Scotsman Jay share a date with a piece of spaghetti Lady and the Tramp

David and Luke watched Ekin-Su meet from the balcony of the villa
David and Luke watched Ekin-Su meet from the balcony of the villa

One person tweeted, “What, it’s David who calls ekinsu a player like a brother, are you the one who ignored her all the time and now she’s Playa ????”

“David rang,” another tweeted, as someone said, “David’s head is boiling.”

“David is a few seconds from jumping off the balcony,” someone jokingly said, and another viewer said, “David is going through 5 stages of grief.”

Another man added: “David is so passionate and arrogant. How Ekin Soo made him spin when the last time this man felt so insecure. Ekin Soo just can’t be trusted and it’s hot.”

Love Island viewers say David watched "rattle"
Love Island viewers say David looked “annoyed”

Meanwhile, dozens of others loved his line of Monopoly.

“Play with the monopoly, not with me” in David is always the most interesting and funny lie ngl lmao, “- wrote one man.

“Play with the monopoly, not me !!! Salty David is the best,” said someone else, and a third continued, “PLAY WITH THE MONOPOLY, NOT WITH ME.” I LOVE THESE REPICS OF DAVID. “

“HE’S JEALOUS !!!” They added.

The Island of Love continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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