Disney Music Group and Obsess have launched a virtual Disney Music Emporium.

The immersive online store gives fans a virtual way to discover, listen, learn and purchase soundtracks and songs from Disney’s extensive catalog.

“We are excited to partner with Obsess to launch an exciting new shopping experience at our Disney Music Emporium store. As we prepare to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, this is the perfect way to create an opening and entertain our guests,” said Ken Bunt, president of Disney Music Group.

The Disney Music Emporium virtual experience offers a wide selection of Disney movie and television soundtracks on CD and vinyl in addition to a wealth of content, including a timeline of musical moments from Disney’s 100-year history.

Visitors can click to learn and listen to music from Disney’s groundbreaking 1928 debut Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Steamboat Willie, the first animated feature produced with synchronized sound; 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; and 1940s Fantasia with a score performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

The centennial scale also highlights music from beloved and iconic films and series such as Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Frozen, The Mandalorian and Encanto.

Visitors can also connect directly to the Disney Hits podcast on streaming services through the virtual store, as well as select Walt Disney Records playlists featuring songs from across Disney’s catalog of movies and TV shows.

“We are thrilled to introduce fans to the amazing music of Disney in a new way and for Disney Music Group to use the Obsess platform to create an immersive Web3 experience,” said Neha Singh, founder and CEO of Obsess.

“As Disney prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, this Disney Music Emporium virtual environment celebrates the company’s musical history while providing visitors with a thoroughly modern brand and tangible experience.”

Obsess is a member of the Disney Accelerator 2022, a business development program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative companies from around the world.

Cryptocurrency shorts

Warner Bros intends to use NFT to provide access to exclusive content and films. It has partnered with Web3 firm Eluvio to launch “WB Movieverse,” which uses NFTs as user authentication to access movies, behind-the-scenes videos, and images. The first offering is an enhanced edition of The Lord of the Rings in 4K resolution, with additional material available on two levels of NFT.

Fireblocks will launch a new product that supports payment service providers, banks and fintechs in their transition to stablecoin payments and settlements. Worldpay is a pilot partner alongside, which has already processed over $1 billion in stablecoins in its pilot phase.

An amendment to the UK’s Financial Services and Markets Bill will extend the law’s powers to regulate financial promotions and other activities to cover crypto-assets.

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried faced backlash on Twitter for his blog post outlining his vision for crypto regulation, with critics claiming he simply wants to recreate the current financial system and doesn’t meet the goals of early adopters. However, Yevgeny Gaevoi, CEO of Wintermute, said that “Crypto Twitter” is “a small part of the world” and that “US regulators and politicians, as well as the wider user base, matter much more.”

Crypto prices

The total market capitalization of the 21,400 coins at the time of writing (7am UK) is $932 billion. 913 billion dollars on Friday morning.

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