Android smartphones are thought to be secure to use since they are loaded with security protections. Is it feasible to hack an Android phone even with such robust security features? Yes, of course. No matter number of times security measures you’ve put to your phone, a hacker will find a way to get into it.

Hackers may take use of the information offered by your Android phone to get access to your device. If you believe your phone has been hacked, you should read our article on how to restore a hacked Android smartphone.

Turn on Android Safe Mode

Uninstall any freshly installed or unknown applications from your Android once Android Safe Mode is enabled. Also, keep an eye out for hidden programmes. Launch the Google Play Store application, pick My apps & games, and afterwards sort Installed applications by Last Updated to display installed new apps on your Android. Uninstalling unknown or newly installed programmes can aid in the removal of any harmful software you may have installed by accident.

Reboot Your Smartphone

There are instances when simply restarting your smartphone can solve all of your Android difficulties. Sometimes the problems we assume are caused by our Android smartphone are merely mental. So, before you get into technical mode, consider this easy method for repairing a hacked Android smartphone. If the hacker just targeted your device once, this method could work for you. However, when your Android smartphone is truly hacked, or if the hacker is repeatedly attempting to hack your phone, this approach would not work for you.

Clear Cache from the smartphone

In such a case, clearing the cache on your Android phone may be sufficient to resolve the problem. Here are the procedures to clearing your phone’s cache without having to start from scratch:

Step 1. Turn your smartphone off.

Step 2.  After the device has been switched off, press and hold the ‘power’ and ‘volume’ up buttons at the same time until the Android logo appears.

Step 3.  So, when recovery message appears, scroll down to ‘wipe device cache’ & wait for the phone to reset, using the ‘volume’ button to browse.

Step 4. Restart your Android smartphone after the cache has been cleared.

Block Spam Alerts if you don’t want to be bothered

Spam alerts from first-party and third-party apps, as well as web browsers, can create major problems on your phone. Even if your phone has not been hacked, it is recommended that you disable such alerts from either of these categories.

Run Antivirus Scan to Fix smartphone

Running an antivirus check is also a good technique to repair a hacked Android phone. You must have enhanced anti-virus software or antimalware software installed on your Android smartphone. Antivirus software is essential for every smartphone since it not only prevents virus-infected files from accessing the device but also eliminates infections.


Despite the fact that Android phones are believed to be very secure to use due to their numerous security mechanisms, hackers can still identify minor vulnerabilities and hack your Android. However, there are ways to protect our devices from these risks and avoid having our Android phones hacked. We’ve covered every method for repairing a hacked Smartphone. So give them a shot and discover which one works best for you.


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