Royal experts are now trying to calculate the cost Queen Elizabeth II State funeral, as official data has not been published at the moment.

were touted at more than £8 million, while some British media claimed it could be in the billions, including the cost of the national mourning period and the temporary closure of businesses and public services.

The closest modern comparison to draw insight from is the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002, which cost the UK government £5.4 million.

That’s £8.4m in “today’s money”, according to reports Telegraphwho estimated that yesterday’s funeral cost 12p per UK resident.

After the death of the queen, on September 8, ten days of mourning began.

The proclamation ceremony at Westminster Hall opened to the public on 14 September and lasted for four days.

Hundreds of thousands of people queued for hours each day to pay their respects, while Monday was declared a national holiday to mark the Queen’s death and funeral.

At least 1,650 troops were involved in the procession with the Queen’s coffin from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch after her funeral. Another 1,000 people lined the streets along the procession route.

A total of 10,000 police were deployed across the UK capital, with 22 miles of crowd control barriers erected in central London alone, and London’s Transport Authority providing extra services throughout the day as 1 million people poured into the capital.

The Evening standard claimed that if the costs of King Charles III’s funeral, holidays and coronation were combined, the Queen’s death would cost a total of “billions”.

UK Culture Secretary Michelle Donnellan said most people would consider the cost of the Queen’s funeral a “waste of money”, but could not put a figure on what that cost might be.

Commenting on the cost of the funeral to Sky News, she said: “I’m not sure of the exact cost but, as I said, I think the British public will argue that it was money well spent.

“You saw so many thousands of people there and I don’t think anyone could suggest that our late monarch didn’t deserve this departure, given the duty and selfless service she performed over 70 years.”

She said it would be “absolutely preposterous” to suggest otherwise.

“It was a wonderful feeling of the community coming together. I always think of our late monarch as the glue that held society together,” she added.

Ms Donnellan said her department was still “crunching the numbers” on how many people queued for hours in London to walk past the Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall, but she believed there were around 250,000.

Ms Donnellan described the queue at Westminster Hall as “phenomenal”, paying tribute to the volunteers who helped run and support processes of the last days, including lying.

Additional reporting by PA Media.

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