A HOTEL guest was stunned by the view from a window which has been described as “the worst in the world”.

Comedian Neema Naz was staying at a hotel in Alberta when he made the gruesome discovery.


A man said he had the worst view from a hotel room in history – when he looked out over the pool
There was also a view of the women's changing rooms


There was also a view of the women’s changing rooms

He said in his TikTok video: “I’m in my hotel room and I’m like, ‘Wow, my blinds are closed – let me get some fresh light in here.’

“To understand later, this is my view – a women’s locker room with a pool with children.

“How about I close the blinds so I don’t get paid for peeping?”

He added: “It’s a horrible place with a window.”

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More than 577,000 people watched the video on TikTok, and many were just as shocked.

One person wrote: “I’m dying. This is literally the worst window ever.”

Someone else noted, “This room was definitely someone’s office.”

A third simply said, “I would complain.”

Others had their own horror stories to share when they stayed at the inn.

Someone wrote: “This legit happened to my dad this weekend.

“Opened the blinds to take in the view, returned to the hotel banquet hall.”

In 2017, easyHotel charged guests an extra £1 per a room with a false window which looked out on such landmarks as the London Eye, the Gherkin and the Shard.

Travelers shared theirs worst hotel experience from their holidays with some pretty gruesome and gruesome images.

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If you want great views, we’ve got you covered 10 hotels in the UK which have the best from the window of your room.

And a travel expert told us why you should never book a hotel with too many five-star reviews.

People online agreed that the view of the hotel was terrible


People online agreed that the view of the hotel was terrible


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