THIS Morning star Holly Willoughby sparked further outrage on social media today after the ITV show doubled its Queue-Jump-Gate rejections with 15,000 Britons signing a petition to sack Holly and her co-star Philip Schofield.

Willoughby, 41, and Schofield, 60, returned to the airwaves after Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on Tuesday and refused to apologize for allegedly pushing their disabled mother out of line so they could pass the Queen – as many observers claim. witnesses

Shocking footage has now emerged online showing Philip, Holly and This Morning editor Martin Frizzell jumping the queue as thousands wait in line.

Despite​​​​this damning evidence, Willoughby and Shoffe insisted they would “never jump the queue” as they addressed their controversial visit to see the Queen in peace.

Willoughby said during VT: “Like hundreds of accredited broadcasters and journalists, we have been given official permission to enter the venue.

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“This was done solely to communicate the event to the millions of people in the UK who were unable to visit Westminster in person.

“The rules were that we would be escorted quickly around the edges to the platform at the back.

“In contrast, those paying their respects walked along the carpeted area next to the coffin and had time to pause.

“None of the broadcasters and journalists there took anyone’s place in the queue and no one passed by the Queen. Of course, we respected these rules.

“However, we understand that it could have come across as something else and therefore fully understand the reaction. Please know that we will never jump the queue.”

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The refusal and statement came as thousands of Britons were left dismayed by ITV’s sacking of a disabled woman who was pushed out of the queue to vow to boycott the show’s return.

The ITV show has come under fire after the program lied about main hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield “not jumping the queue” for the Queen, despite several eyewitnesses confirming the pair skipped the hours-long wait from the alleged VIP passes.

Mia Froggatt, whose sister queued for 13 hours with her husband, ten-year-old daughter and disabled mother, took to Twitter after her family were kicked out of the queue for the ITV couple to join.

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She said: “This photo taken by my sister’s husband yesterday, after queuing with my sister, their 10 year old daughter and my disabled mum for over 13 hours, my mum was taken out of @hollywills and @Schofe like this so they can #queuejumpers without even thanking #schofieldgate #queuejumping.

The row erupted over the bank holiday weekend as Britons called for Britain’s “most hated” TV presenter to be sacked two years after he had an affair with young This Morning host Matthew McGreevy.

BBC News veteran and national treasure Hugh Edwards also delved into the queue-jumping pair praising David Beckham and Susannah Reid, who queued for hours to make the ‘pilgrimage’ to pay her respects to Her Majesty.

“We certainly saw a certain one David Beckham is there on Friday. He got a lot of praise for standing in line for hours instead of jumping the line because he’s a VIP superstar.”

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HOLLY WIL-LIE-GHBY: Phil and Holly DOUBLE-DOWN on ‘Queue Jump Gate’ denials as 20K sign petition

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