SYDNEY, May 9 (Xinhua) – Residents of eastern Australia are warned to prepare for heavy rains and possible flooding this week as Queensland and New South Wales (NSW) face new flood warnings.

The Queensland Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said Monday that heavy rains and thunderstorms are forecast for the next few days with possible heavy falls that could cause flooding and a resumption of river levels, especially in the West River catchments and the Diamond River headwaters.

The BM noted that heavy rain is likely to start at night in some regions, which could lead to sudden floods and inundations, as well as widespread impact on transportation systems.

The latest summary of the BoM forecast estimates that up to 15 mm of precipitation may fall in the capital, Brisbane, on Monday, and up to 60 mm by Wednesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday heavy rainfall will move towards the east coast and the adjacent inland south of Queensland, although there is still uncertainty as to where the heaviest rainfall will be.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service is urging residents to prepare and plan ahead when they travel this week, and be aware of the latest weather and flood warnings.

Meanwhile, BoM also warned that from Tuesday in some regions in the north of NSW it will rain. The bureau has already issued a warning about small floods on the Bogan River in the central western region of NSW.

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