Hismart, The world’s leading developer and publisher of applications and mobile games focused on entertainment, has officially announced the integration of its application DJ it! with a global platform for streaming music and entertainment Tidal. The integration will provide users with a quick and easy seamless connection to their TIDAL and DJ it! accounts for both iOS and Android.

Gismart’s flagship music program will now give you access to many different tracks that you can use to create your own unique DJ masterpiece. It’s all DJ! TIDAL subscribers will now be able to enjoy a library of more than 80 million licensed tracks with Hi-Fi and Master Quality sound, as well as powerful music search tools. Users will be able to use their existing TIDAL account as well as subscribe to DJ it! the app itself.

DJ it! was officially released in late 2019 and has already surpassed 14 million downloads in all time, with more than 8.5 million achieved in 2021 alone. It is a mobile DJ setup for both beginners and professional DJs, and it allows users to play and mix music without additional equipment. Users can work with tracks created exclusively by sound producers Gismart and other musicians, as well as add their personal tracks from the cloud storage.

The app offers a personalized educational experience with a special DJ it! An academy that directs beginners to the field of DJing along with experienced DJs. DJ it! The academy is completely free and can be accessed by any user who wants to know the DJ. The Academy intends to expand its library of educational content during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2022 based on user preferences, allowing more people to start their DJ journey. The academy is already available on Android and is expected to launch on iOS earlier this summer.

Pavel Hasanov, head of Gismart’s products (applications) department, commented:

«This is an exciting move for Gismart as we expand the DJ it music library! with an extensive TIDAL offering of over 80 million tracks. This partnership will allow our users to choose from a wide range of new music to compose their unique DJ mix».

Dan Murphy, senior vice president of partnerships and business development at TIDAL, commented:

«The DJ community is an integral part of the musical experience as a tool for discovery and creativity,Said. «We look forward to working with Gismart and DJ it! to create DJs and give them the resources to lead their journey.

Gismart Partners Global Streaming Platform Tidal

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