The fast-growing flexible work platform has teamed up with a leading group of healthcare technologies, Agilio Software, to increase support for self-employed professionals and increase the number of staff in primary care.

My Locum Manager (MLM) was founded by two general practitioners, Dr. Matthew Beddo and Dr. Surina Chiber, who, while working in the general practice department, were acutely aware of the workforce challenges facing the NHS. Together, they have developed a comprehensive solution that helps communities of practitioners build relationships with self-employed therapists who want to work with flexibility. More recently, MLMs have been successfully part of a national structure to supply flexible pools, leading to the rapid growth of their customer base.

Recent data show that a third of GPs will want to quit within five years, citing the fact that their struggles are due to factors including; increase in the working day, paperwork, increase in workload and lack of time to do your job properly.

In light of this, MLM has announced that it has acquired Agilio Software and will be integrated into its primary care unit to provide a complete solution that allows flexible work, supporting locum and GP portfolio to work more on its own terms as well as assistance in retention of staff in integrated health care systems, practice therapists and primary care networks. It will be delivered through Agilio TeamNet, which uses more than 64% of primary care, and will provide a unique single solution that allows integrated management of staff and manpower of all types of staff in practice and on all sites.

The integration of MLM with TeamNet will allow organizations to identify gaps in their ranks and find cover for sessions, whether locums, self-employed or permanent therapists and other related health professionals. This will save managers ’time by automating key administrative tasks, increasing staff by combining permanent and self-employed staff in different fields, and saving money that is typically spent on locum agencies that choose from their own pool of talented, trusted agents.

In terms of compliance, it will provide everything that practice requires as evidence, including screening of personnel and credentials, mandatory training, staffing to ensure greater continuity and, ultimately, safer and more reliable patient care.

In addition, the MLM platform offers self-employment support and guidance for those who want to move to a more flexible setting, including exhibition bills, pensions and tax returns. For self-employed professionals, this also means instant access to local practice policies and documentation commonly stored in TeamNet, as well as a mechanism to complete mandatory training, which can be a headache for clinicians when moving from work.

My co-founder of Locum Manager, Dr. Surina Chiber, said: “I have been a medical locum specialist for 10 years and after the birth of my daughter I wanted to have more flexibility in the way I worked. However, it has always been difficult to take care of everything related to self-employment and processing my data from practice to practice.

“We have developed My Locum Manager to help healthcare professionals be flexible in their working lives without having to go through agencies – we are excited to join Agilio Primary Care to provide additional support to therapists’ practices and help ease the pressure on their staff with reliable delicacies that fit them “.

Agilio Primary Care Managing Director David Taylor said: “It is becoming increasingly clear that helping therapists gain better access to resources and tools in these key areas is crucial to address the current staffing crisis in primary care.

This acquisition is part of our plan to continue to invest in building more powerful primary care solutions so that practitioners can be more effective and support them in the face of huge pressures in the sector. ”

GPs Leading on Flexible Working Solutions join Agilio Primary Care to Improve Healthcare Staffing

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