• Funding of £ 15 million to support the construction of thousands of new homes in beautiful green garden communities across England

  • Part of the £ 69 million program to supply up to 16,000 homes a year from 2025, create nearly 200,000 jobs and boost the economy

  • Relies on government plans to raise the country’s level, regenerate underused land and attract new beautiful developments

Thousands of new homes and jobs will be created in beautiful green quarters across England with government-funded gardening communities worth £ 15 million, Housing Minister Stuart Andrew announced today (Saturday, 21 May 2022).

From Cornwall to Carlisle, the Garden Communities program will provide up to 16,000 homes a year from 2025, boosting growth across England, breathing life into 43 towns and villages and putting green, wild-friendly spaces at the heart of new development.

New funding will be restored:

  • In Long Marston in Warwickshire, a formerly abandoned airfield that is now a bustling, green neighborhood, 3,500 new homes will be built demanding up to 35% of affordable housing.

  • Halsnead Garden Village in Nowsley will supply 1,619 new homes in Merseyside along with 22.5 acres of land for new businesses. The country park will be accompanied by wetlands and restored field meadows to improve biodiversity.

  • West Carclaze Garden Village will support the delivery of up to 1,500 new homes in an innovative, sustainable new community that promotes the health and well-being of its residents.

Today’s move is based on landmark reforms in last week’s drafting and regeneration bill introduced in parliament, which defines how the government will expand opportunities and prosperity in every corner of the country. The bill allows local leaders to revitalize their urban centers, take control of empty shops and spark a revolution in outdoor restaurants.

The Minister for Housing, the Honorable Stuart Andrew, MP said:

Building beautiful new homes in the places where they are most needed is at the heart of the government’s leveling mission.

Garden villages and towns are perfect examples of the vibrant, green communities we want to see across the country, and today’s funding will allow us to work hand in hand with local leaders and industry to deliver the high-quality new homes we need.

Today’s investment brings total funding to the Garden Communities program of more than £ 69 million, helping to level the country and rebuild communities, with most new homes located in the north, the Midlands and the southwest.

It will also support the nearly 200,000 jobs in schools, shops and offices created in each garden community, as part of the government’s efforts to help people secure good jobs where they live, develop the economy and fight for the cost of living.

The program provides support for the promotion of long-term housing projects from the earliest stages. This allows local authorities to recruit specialized staff, carry out the necessary planning and receive advice and support from the Homes England Housing Authority.

The announcement is based on plans to upgrade and regenerate to put beauty and nature at the heart of new design development, with the introduction of mandatory design codes that ensure developers respect styles developed and committed locally – from the layout or materials used , before it provides greenery.

This funding is in addition to £ 1.5 billion for the construction of the House of Leveling Up, which helps builders of SMEs and supply more than 42,000 new homes in England.

Additional information

The Garden Communities program supports the construction of homes in 43 towns and villages from Cornwall to Carlisle and will provide more than 300,000 homes, up to 90,000 of which will be affordable.

List of territories for which funding is allocated

Garden cities

  • Hemel, Hertfordshire

  • Otterpool, Folkestone and Hight Park

  • Manidown, Basingstoke

  • Harlow and Gilston, Essex and Hertfordshire

  • Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

  • Tontan, Somerset

  • St. Cuthbert, Carlisle

  • Great Exeter, Devon

  • Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

  • North Northans, Northamptonshire

Garden villages

  • Longcross, Ranimed, Surrey

  • Newton Abbott, Tainbridge

  • Langart, Carnwall

  • Bertry, Darlington

  • Chelmsford, Essex

  • Dantan Hills, Brentwood

  • Golden Valley, Cheltenham

  • South Ashford, Ashford

  • Tendering is the limits of Colchester

  • Scherningham, Darlington

  • Long Marston, Stratford-upon-Avon

  • East of Beaglesweid, Central Bedfordshire

  • North Dorchester, Dorset

  • South Shechem, Durham

  • Sharp pastures, Blaby

  • Uttlesford Park, Atletsford

  • Western Carclase, Carnwall

  • Calm, Middle Devon

  • Halznid, Knowsley

  • West of Elvington, York

  • Dunsfold Park, Waverley

  • Welburn, Farham

  • Missbrook, Stafford

  • Dalton Barracks, South Oxfordshire

  • Salt Cross, West Oxfordshire

  • Infinity, South Derbyshire

  • Barinsfield, South Oxfordshire

  • Barra Green Gardens, Tonbridge and Moling

  • Bailrig, Lancaster

  • Hospitalgate Heath, Southern Quevestan

  • Thrash, East Northamptonshire

  • Pan Essex


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