A disabled woman from Bristol spoke to Jeremy Kyle about increasing the cost of fuel bills and gasoline in the UK against the background of cost of living crisis.

She went on to describe how she used to pay £ 78 in fuel bills but now pays £ 218.

Kate explained that it was impossible for her to save money on the benefits she received from the government.

Then she said she had no help anywhere.

Kate’s friend told Talk TV: “But I mean, I use standard PIP (Personal Independence Payment), I’m disabled, I can’t do much.

“And my car is about to die, obviously, it is impossible to try to save on benefits.

“And my fuel bill has grown from £ 78 to £ 218 a month.

“So I’m at the moment like between an anvil and an anvil, I have no help anywhere.”

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Due to rising gasoline prices and Western countries’ refusal of Russian gas this year, much more British citizens will suffer. People who do not live in rural areas across the country are encouraged to use public transport.

Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK, called on the Prime Minister to make fuel poverty a top priority.

Mr Cox said: “Don’t let the panicked purchase recapture these long unnecessary queues that we saw last year when you didn’t act.

“Our economy and millions of daily lives depend on their vehicles. No need to wait until it’s too late to act. So please secure the fuel supply chain now!”

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Luke Bosdet, a spokesman for the AA automotive group, explained the price increase.

Mr Bosdet said: “This is a serious blow to families, retirees or low-income workers suffering from the current cost of living crisis.”

He added: “In reality, the price of the pump should be much lower, and falling oil prices are helping to reduce the cost of fuel sent to the front yard.

“As Easter is coming soon, drivers will not go unnoticed that petrol across the UK started this week at an average of 162.44 per liter and diesel – 176.73 pence.

“Last Easter (April 4, 2021) gasoline cost 125.30 items, and diesel 129.11 items. This is a big difference.”

Adam Scorer, CEO of the charity National Energy Action, warned Britons that 6 million of them are likely to face fuel poverty this year.

Mr Scorer told Channel 4: “I think this is the single biggest price shock we have experienced in the energy sector and we have done nowhere enough to prevent this from causing real damage.

“83 percent of us heat our homes with gas. This is the basis of the quality of your life in your home.

“We have long seen this happening. Since the end of the summer we have seen wholesale prices go.

“We will have about six and a half million households, which we call fuel poverty.”


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