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Former Floyd Mayweather fighter Ishe Smith says Gervont Davis should take control of his career after the May 28 fight.

As part of a conversation about how Mayweather Promotions handled the situation with Davis, Smith gave his former promoter an oral reprimand.

The former IBF super middleweight champion captivated Mayweather when he told Tank to think hard about his next career move.

Davis will see his contract with Mayweather as soon as the last bell rings in the obligatory match with Roland Romero.

Smith said, “You will all call this man ungrateful and all sorts?

“But I’m telling the facts. I was inside. I know what the baby is going through. I always liked him and I told him a while ago before he exploded that he possessed a power I rarely saw in the gym and he was special.

“A real fool [sic, expletive]. But I do not expect and would not expect less from this side [Floyd Mayweather]. Continue you, however, young king.

“Hopefully this is an alarming call for you to take control of your career.”

When some fans questioned Smith’s motives to follow Mayweather, he replied, “I’m not going to go with you all.


“Some answers confirm my opinion. Be my guest if you want to sit at the bottom of the table waiting for the crumbs.

“But if I have achieved more than you and you will follow me. So what does this do to you? I am comfortable in my own skin.

“Husband, I’m 43, will soon be 44. You all call a guy who has achieved ten times more than you’ve ever in your life.

Ishe Smith
Promo Mayweather

“Young Smith was a hole. Old Smith has three children in college, they will soon have four.

“Keep sitting on the couch and dreaming that you can fight by criticizing those who have fought or are fighting.

“It’s good for your ego, I guess. But rest assured, 43, 53, 103, none of you are sure of that [expletive] with me in this square circle.

“Now let it hiss in your spirit,” he concluded.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather and his right-hand man Leonard Ellerb seems confident that Davis will remain in the company after his next fight.

They don’t seem to worry that the watch will end a huge contract that could earn millions of all parties on Pay Per View.

Now Davis needs to clarify his future by hearing what Smith said it was supposedly for some who have been involved with The Money Team in the past.

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Ex-TMT fighter slams Floyd Mayweather, urges Gervonta Davis to leave

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