The hearing on Friday took place after the release of Fr. Report for April 29 from the Office of Government Accountability who found that staff from four health facilities did not report their concerns about the political interference they saw in their workplace. They said they did not because they were “afraid of revenge”, “did not know how to report problems” or “thought that the heads of the agencies already knew”.

Two years after the emails were compiled, public opinion at the federal state’s leading health agency remains low. Only 44 percent of Americans say they trust because the CDC talks about the coronavirus January NBC poll. This reduction in numbers could jeopardize the government’s ability to communicate effectively with Americans about current and future risks to their health.

GAO head Gene Dadara says he remains “very concerned” about the coordination of leadership in the Department of Health and Human Services and its handling of future public health emergencies.

“There are vague roles and responsibilities. There were problems with clear and consistent communication with the public. There wasn’t much good data collection. There are shortcomings, transparency and accountability, ”Dodara said. “I’m not sure we’re better prepared now than we were in the beginning.

GAO found that all four agencies – the CDC, the Office of Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Readiness and Response – have no procedures on how to report and process policy conclusions in their work.

The Office has made several recommendations to the HHS, CDC, FDA and NIH, including establishing institutional procedures for reporting and reviewing allegations of political interference and training staff on how to report these allegations.

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