Ireland failed to make it to the Eurovision grand final.

Brooke Scallion had hoped to change Ireland’s recent fate at the competition, but his performance of the track That Rich failed.

The country has competed 54 times, triumphing a record seven times, but has not won since 1996 with Amer Quinn’s “Voice.”

Despite the loud applause after her energetic performance, Scallion, who was in blue, opening the performance, lying on a pink heart on stage, failed to win over the international audience.

The 23-year-old singer previously took third place on The Voice UK in 2020 with the help of singer-songwriter Megan Trainer.

BBC Three commentators Scott Mills and Rylan Clark shared their condolences with Ireland, with Clark saying: “I also have to say this, gutted for Ireland. But I know Brooke is just going to go out and have a very good evening.”

These guys from Norway performed the song Give That Wolf A Banana. Photo: AP

Among those who were successful in securing a place in Saturday’s grand final – a participant from the Czech Republic We Are Domi with Lights Off.

The electropop trio met while studying at Leeds College of Music and hit the top 10 with a strobe show.

In the classic Eurovision In the second semifinal there were many bizarre performances, including the Serbian Konstrakta, which won the audience with its original song about Megan Markle, securing a place in the top 10.

Sweden also reached a place in the final when Cornelia Jacobs spent most of her performance on a floor lit by a circle that changes color.

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The Kaluga Orchestra of Ukraine has reached the final

Although the diamond face of Australian Sheldon Riley helped him win a place in the final, the unique appearance did not help the Georgian Circus Mircus, which failed to get a place in the top 10 with extravagant hair and facial accessories.

Achilles Lavra of San Marino, who finished his performance on the Bucking Bronze after coming on stage in a black feathered hat and cowboy hat, also did not win a place in the final.

Eurovision: Sam Ryder says the song was not originally written for the contest
UK entrant Sam Ryder

Also unlucky were Israel, Malta, Cyprus, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro.

Finland was more fortunate to secure a place in the top 10, as their representative, the rock band The Rasmus, entertained the audience after the opening of the second semifinal with his song Jezebel.

Romania, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Poland and Estonia also confirmed their participation in the final after artists from 18 countries took the stage in Turin, Italy.

The 10 successful countries join the 10 that also secured a place in the first semifinal round on Tuesday.

The grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Saturday, where 20 successful countries will compete for the winners.

The UK is in the top five countries, including Spain, Germany, France and Italy, which do not have to qualify from the semi-finals and gain automatic access to the finals.

32-year-old TikTok star Sam Ryder will present the UK on Saturday with his pop song Space Man.

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