Lottery players held a bumper in the first week of May, set up on Wednesday for £ 4m. The EuroMillions draw on May 6 ends the week with a jackpot that is 42 times the amount. People tonight have a chance to get up to 168 million pounds and several prizes that took second place.

What are the winning numbers of EuroMillions on May 6?

EuroMillions draws usually award significant sums, many of them eight figures.

Nine-digit jackpots are less common, and today’s £ 168 million prize will attract legions of players.

They only have a few hours left to get a ticket to the results tonight.

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This week, EuroMillions guaranteed players another 13 prizes and a “Millionaire Creator”.

Prizes that took second place include:

  • Five numbers and one lucky star: £ 130,554.30
  • Five rooms: £ 13,561.20
  • Four numbers and two lucky stars: £ 844.70
  • Four numbers and one lucky star: £ 77.80
  • Three numbers and two lucky stars: £ 37.30
  • Four figures: £ 25.60
  • Two numbers and two lucky stars: £ 9.10
  • Three numbers and one lucky star: £ 7.30
  • Three figures: £ 6.00
  • One number and two lucky stars: £ 4.30
  • Two numbers and one lucky star: £ 3.60
  • Two figures: £ 2.50
  • Millionaire Maker Code: £ 1 million


EuroMillions: every Tuesday and Friday around 8pm

Thunderstorm: every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday around 8pm

Lata: Wednesday and Saturday around 19.45

Set for life: Monday and Thursday evenings

Despite the fact that these raffles are held according to a certain schedule, the amount of prizes is always different.


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