Concerned residents were horrified to see the group early in the morning. One man, who was followed by clowns at 2am, said he was now too scared to leave the house at night. He claimed that four clowns were chasing him on the way.

The 30-year-old said: “I was followed by four men in a van who looked as if they were dressed in clown costumes.

“I started running as they followed me, and eventually managed to escape.

“They also had a massive speaker on top of the van that played horrible music.

“It made me feel really scared to go out late at night on my own.

“I am worried that this is happening in my area because it is scary, horrible and strange.

“I just want everyone who travels to Leyndon late at night to be careful.”

In local groups on social networks, others warned of “terrible clown music.”

One person described it as “so scary” and another added: “I’m so glad it wasn’t just me.

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“We believe it may have been work on the train line.”

The mother of four also heard horrible music outside her home, scaring her children.

She told Echo, “I have four kids, and late at night these men play ridiculously scary music without letting them sleep while walking around Laindon.

“My children now want to move because they are afraid.

“We just don’t know what to do.”

In 2016, people dressed as clowns were repeatedly spotted as a result of what turned out to be a prank to scare others.

The “killer clown” craze, which originated in the US, was adopted in the UK in 2017.

Several police forces across the UK have condemned the miscreants for intimidating members of the public and wasting police resources.


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