England’s prostitute Nick Dolly lingered on the sidelines after suffering a terrible knee injury in Leicester’s victory in Newcastle

  • Nick Dolly is going to miss a summer tour of England to his native Australia
  • Sydney native prostitute taken out after “crocodile crash”
  • On Saturday, Falcons support Adam Brocklebank was acquitted for the challenge

English prostitute Nick Dolly suffered a terrible knee injury in Saturday’s victory of “Leicester” over “Newcastle” with a score of 27-5.

The 22-year-old Dolly, who was born in Sydney, was taken out after a “crocodile ride” due to a break in the props of the “Falcons” by Adam Brocklebank, who was placed in sin.

Dolly’s left knee is squeezed into the turf and he is set for a long time aside, shattering his hopes of making a summer tour of England to his native Australia.

Leicester prostitute Nick Dolly was taken out on a stretcher in Newcastle on Saturday

Teammate Alice Genge said, “He’s a good friend of mine, I’ve been by his side and I’ll be praying for him tonight.

“He didn’t deserve anything like that.”

Attempts by Nemani Nadal, Guy Porter and Freddie Steward brought Leicester closer to first place, but the victory was severely marred by Dolly’s injury.



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