Elsa PatakiCelebrating a birthday Chris Hemsworth proves that he will always be her endgame.

In honor of c Thor 38th anniversary of the actor, wife of Chris and Fast and Furious The star Elsa went to Instagram to send love to her other half. “Happy birthday to my beloved husband,” she signed on August 11 post with must-see photos of the two for years. “You are the whole world to me. Many more years of laughter and happiness. “

In one cute photo, Chris and Elsa pose in front of the camera, covered in snow. Meanwhile, in a later photo of the duo you can see them sunbathing together. And in another magical photo The Avengers The star hugs together with the couple’s three children: India9 years and twin sons, Tristan and Sasha7.

Of course when it comes to social networksChris and Elsa, who have been married for more than 10 years, do not shy away from confessing their love for each other.


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