The CEO of Twitter retaliated after Elon Musk put his deal to buy the platform “decently” out of fears about fake user accounts.

Threshold Agraval said he was “confident” in the company’s estimates that less than 5% of users are spam.

He said the company suspends more than half a million spam accounts every day, and millions of alleged spam accounts are blocked every week if they cannot be verified.

He said Twitter uses public and private data, such as IP address and geolocation, to verify accounts, with random samples viewed every few months.

“A week ago, we shared with Ilona an overview of the evaluation process and look forward to continuing the conversation with him and all of you,” he added in a series of messages on Twitter.

On Friday, Musk tweeted that temporarily suspended its $ 44 billion Twitter takeover until he received more “details” of support [the] estimates that spam / fake accounts do account for less than 5% of users. ”

Tesla’s chief executive later added: “Still looking to acquire.”

His comments have suggested that he may try to reconsider the price of the deal or abandon it.

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“I would lift Trump’s ban on Twitter”

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Musk said his team would conduct its own analysis, questioning the accuracy of the figures Twitter reported in its latest financial documents.

However, Mr Agrawal said a third party would not be able to properly estimate the figure because there is a “critical need to use both public and private information (which we cannot share)”.

“Outwardly, it is impossible to find out which accounts are counted as mDAU [monetisable daily active users] any day, ”he added.

Answer Smileys Mask

Musk responded with smelly smilies and said, “Since advertisers know what they get for their money?

“It’s fundamental to Twitter’s financial health.”

He put his thumb up to comment by researcher Andrea Strop, who said: “Threshold, I’m surprised you’re saying that external researchers couldn’t evaluate the bots. That’s not true.

“As a researcher who has been working on these topics for ~ 9 years (I am the author of one of the first independent reports on Twitter bots), I can say that it is possible. By the way: open your data.”

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Shares of Twitter fell below $ 38, following Mr. Agraval’s tweets.

They have lost all their profits since Musk revealed he had acquired a 9% stake in the company.

Musk raised additional alarm among investors last weekend when he tweeted about problems with the Twitter algorithm and other “potential code errors”.

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