Immersify Education has released a new paid subscription service for dental students through its Immersify Dental platform, aimed at further growth in digital educational resources.

The platform, which uses augmented reality, gamification and personalization to create an exciting learning experience, is already used by tens of thousands of dental students in the UK, US, Australia and India through their universities.

Queen Mary University and Cardiff University are some of the UK institutions that currently offer the platform to their students.

For those students who cannot access the platform through a training provider, the company launches its content on dentistry through a separate paid subscription, which means that the online learning platform is now available to anyone studying dentistry.

Immersify Dental aims to have 100,000 users by the end of the year as it seeks to significantly increase its revenue with this model.

Chloe Barrett, CEO of Immersify Education, commented: “Here at Immersify Education, we are really interested in supporting and improving the learning experience of the next and current generation, so we decided to expand our Immersify Dental platform. We have ambitious growth plans for the coming years; we not only intend to reach the mark of 100,000 users, but we are also working to diversify the Immersify platform for other scientific fields.

“We are excited to be able to make the Immersify Dental platform more accessible, and the long-term goal is to make the Netflix platform educational content!”

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