The British manufacturer is updating the range of functional solutions for street lighting, offering increased performance and efficiency for greater savings

Hodesdon, UK, 13 May 2022 – Leading provider of outdoor lighting solutions DW Windsor has announced a significant improvement in the performance of its flagship functional fixture Kirium Pro. Designed to support local governments working to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions, the upgrade also offers significant savings to taxpayers.

Thanks to the latest DW Windsor LED technology, the Kirium Pro has been redesigned to deliver increased performance of more than 51,900 lm and market-leading efficiencies of up to 192 lm / W, resulting in reduced lifetime costs and savings of around £ 50 per light point for ten years.

Kirium Pro is the widest range of DW Windsor LED street lights. Available in five different sizes with 23 standard Diamond + optical distributions for maximum flexibility and precise control, the Kirium Pro delivers individual performance and accurate light levels in a variety of applications, from walkways and bike paths to residential roads and interchanges. In addition, the unified design aesthetics provide a uniform appearance in different lighting schemes.

Thanks to the increased connectivity, the Kirium Pro also benefits from a choice of NEMA and Zhaga sockets in the upper and lower locations, which provides more flexibility and helps in future lighting fixtures approved by ENEC. In addition, toolless access via quick-release latches provides a simplified installation, and a hinged lid and automatic electrical shut-off provide additional safety during maintenance.

Alan Grant, director of design and development at DW Windsor, commented: “The Kirium Pro is our most far-sighted and safe luminaire to date. Recent upgrades underscore our commitment to helping local authorities achieve their net zero goals while providing savings that will benefit the public wallet. ”

Originally launched in 2016, the Kirium Pro has been installed on a large scale across the UK and beyond, and the fixtures illuminate sections of the M1 motorway and Square Mile in the City of London.

To learn more or contact the DW Windsor team to discuss the project, visit

DW Windsor raises the bar with futureproofed flagship luminaire

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