Culture Minister Nadine Doris is urged to correct the record after statements she made in parliament were called “baseless” and “covered with lies”.

On Thursday, in the Committee on Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport, Ms. Doris claimed that the reality show on Channel 4, in which she appeared in 2010, used actors.

But both the production company and the people who attended the program with the Cabinet of Ministers do not agree with this version of events.

In the Tower Block of Commons show, members of Parliament “left behind the splendor of Westminster and their cozy houses for eight days and nights to live in the mansions of the Council Towers in some of Britain’s poorest neighborhoods”.

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Mrs. Doris went to an apartment with sisters Rena and Renisha Spain in the South Acton estate in west London.

Speaking to MPs on Thursdays, Ms Doris said: “The parents of the boys in this program actually came here to have lunch with me and contacted me to tell me that they were actually in acting school and that they had not actually lived in the apartment and they were not authentic.

“And even if you remember, there’s a pharmacist or someone I went to see who cooks – she was also a paid actress.”

Speaking to Sky News, Rena Spane said: “It was an outright lie and she knows. I don’t know where she gets this garbage from.

“She was a nightmare, a different person when the camera was filmed. It made me feel disgusting, stop lying about me. “

Rupa Hook of Labor, who is an MP from Ealing Central and Acton as well as a member of the DCMS committee, said: “I was shocked to hear the allegation that one of my favorite reality shows has ever been fabricated – a serious charge if so.

“I hope Nadine Doris inaccurately described some of my constituents on the South Acton estate as actors.

“This is one of the poorest areas of West London, and the daily struggle of the people there is very real. If it has misled the committee, the Secretary of State must fix it quickly.”

A Channel 4 spokesman said: “This is the first speculation we have heard that viewers have been misled regarding the participants in the Tower Block of Commons.

“We will contact the Secretary of State to get more details so we can investigate this thoroughly.”

A spokesman for Love Productions, who filmed the show for Channel 4, said: “We do not use actors to impersonate participants in any of the documentaries or series created.

“Nadine Doris was involved in the creation of the Tower Block of Commons for Channel 4 along with other real participants, and we are confident that her claims are unfounded.

“However, we take the allegations seriously and will investigate thoroughly. We are also awaiting Nadine Doris’ response to Channel 4’s request for evidence to back up her comments.”

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