Culture Minister Nadine Doris has admitted that she shares her Netflix password with four other families in the UK – contrary to the terms of the streaming giant.

Speaking on Thursday before the Committee on Digital Information, Culture, Media and Sport, Miss Doris said four more people, including her mother, have access to her account.

Netflix Terms stipulate that users must live together to share access to a paid account.

“My mom has access to my account, kids.

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Describing the current subscriber system as “extremely generous”, she added: “Shouldn’t I do it?”

DCMS permanent secretary Sarah Healy added: “So many people watch it in my house that I had to pay for more expensive.”

Last month Netflix suffered its first loss of subscribers in more than a decadeas a result, its shares fell 25% in expanded trading.

But Ms Doris said: “I think if people are even trying to paint a picture that Netflix is ​​not successful or having difficulty, it’s probably a little overflowing with pudding. Netflix has done what many businesses do.

“It has reached a market saturation point, which is good for Netflix, but they will have to rethink their business model, and they will probably revise it in a way that will greatly complicate the work of public broadcasters who rely on advertising revenue.”

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What Netflix should do after being “shocked” by the number of subscribers

Last month the government reiterated its intention to privatize Channel 4 and outlined plans for streaming services to face tighter regulation.

Announcing plans for the first time to bring streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime under the control of Ofcom, the communications regulator, Ms. Doris said the change would “protect the audience” from “harmful materials.”

Ofcom will be empowered to write new video code on request to align rules with traditional broadcasters and impose fines of up to £ 250,000 or 5% of revenue for violations.

The supervisor will also have an “enhanced duty” to assess the age ratings of the material.

The Department of Digital Technology, Culture, Media and Sports said the privatization of the state-owned Channel 4 would lift restrictions that “actually prohibit” it from selling its own content.

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