t is the day of local elections across the country United Kingdomwhich means that the dogs accompanied their owners during the voting.

According to the charity for the protection of animals Blue Crosscanine companions can go to the polls, but are generally not allowed inside.

The hashtag #dogsatpollingstation was the main trend Twitter on Thursday morning, with thousands of people joined.

Among those who shared the tweets was Helen Kiernan Derbywho posted a photo of her six-year-old Labrador Sandy.

Ms. Kiernan told the PA news agency: “It was fun to have her with me. She goes everywhere with me, so it seemed natural to take her with me. “

She added that Sandy, who had accompanied her to the polls “many times before”, “dragged” her to and from the polling station, leading to “the fastest vote in history”.

Politicians, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Prime Minister have joined the trend. Boris Johnson arriving at the polls with his four-legged friends, Luna and Dylin respectively.

Dylin went to live on Downing Street with Mr. Johnson and his wife Carrie in 2019 when he was a puppy.

As the Prime Minister walked to St. James’s Park on Thursday, an excited Jack Russell Cross jumped up and licked the photographer who was trying to photograph Mr. Johnson.

In Milton Keynes, seven-year-old Oz, a German Shepherd / Labrador Cross, was photographed in front of a polling station sign on Thursday morning.

Its owner Cavita Ayer told PA that in the election “volunteers know him … He was at least 4-5 times due to frequent elections.”

In Greater Manchester, Baxter, an eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was among the pets sitting at the gates of a polling station in Westhaute, Bolton.


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