Photos of Amber Heard with red marks, bruises and swollen faces – the result of what she claims is her and Johnny Depp’s final brawl – were shown in court.

It came as Heard told the jury about the “torture” of experiencing “the most intimate, awkward, deeply humiliating and personal things” through which she had ever experienced.

On Monday, she finished testifying, with the third day dedicated to the last months of her marriage Dep.

The trial is in its fifth week, and jurors have seen several photos of Hurd allegedly documenting the ill-treatment she said she received during their relationship.

Several photos shown Monday were previously unnoticed by the jury and showed redness and swelling much more clearly than previous photos.

But during cross-examination Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vazquez, spoke out against the claims and asked why no photos were taken of one particular moment, Hurd said Depp hit her so hard that “she thought she had a broken nose.”

In response, Heard told the court, “It’s not up to me.”

Depp is suing Hurd in Fairfax County Court near Washington, D.C., for defaming an article in a December 2018 article she wrote in The Washington Post describing herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.”

“Set of bruises”

His lawyers say the article slandered him, although it never mentioned his name.

Hurd described to the court the makeup procedure she used to hide the marks, as well as how she used ice and arnica (a homeopathic remedy for bruises) to “remove the swelling”.

She said she had a theatrical color correction kit, which she called her “bruise kit,” which she said “I carried with me all the time”.

Amber Heard’s makeup wheel says she covered her bruises

Hurd explained, “The idea is that you want to confront what color is on the bruise.”

She described the different colors of the bruises over time, saying, “Immediate red, red appears right away, so you want to go the opposite on the color wheel by smearing a little green … After a day or two you get more purple so you want go with redder tones ”.

Depp says she never beat Hurd and that she makes up allegations that she was abused.

‘Happy Birthday’

But at one point in the testimony, Hurd described her 30th birthday in April 2016 and the brawl she said she and Depp were having that night after the party.

In doing so, she said Depp “hit me in the chest”, “pushed me to the ground” and “grabbed me by the pubis”. She said he often misses her there and asks if she thinks she’s “tough as a man”.

She said Depp left and then came back and shouted, “Happy birthday.”

Other points from today in court:
• Hurd strongly denied Depp’s accusation that she left human feces in the couple’s bed after the fight
• Hurd promised to give her a $ 7 million divorce to charity and began doing so in installments, but said that when Depp sued her in Poppy in 2019 for $ 50 million, she stopped
• The court reported that a lawyer was called to review the Washington Post Op-Ed

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Speaking about the trial, Hurd said: “Every time I watch [at the statements] that every day, I am thrown back, I have to go through it … I have to go through the worst, the most painful thing I’ve ever been through – and sometimes I barely survived. “

She continued: “Again and again the most intimate, embarrassing, deeply humiliating and personal things I have survived are being used against me.

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Amber Heard asked her lawyer about the emotional impact on her three counter-statements by Johnny Depp.

“It’s torture, I have so much emotional pain.

“Why did you do that? I want to go on with my life. I have a baby, I want to move on, I want Johnny to go on too. Let’s leave me alone.”

Earlier, she also said in court that “hair loss, weight, sick.”

However, disputing her claims, the appearance was mentioned in December 2015, when Hurd appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

In the evening, Hurd claimed that Depp brutally attacked her, injuring her face and lip.

But Depp’s lawyer, Ms. Vazquez, showed photos of the trial and a brief video of Hurd’s appearance on the show, and reiterated the lack of visible damage to her face.

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