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Tyson Fury may have stopped Deontay Wilder twice, but the “Gypsy King” continues to be persecuted by American supporters.

Several social media and YouTube accounts continue to beat the drum that Wilder defeated Fury in his first meeting three years ago.

These skeptics blame referee Jack Reyes for the long count, which they say “robbed” Deontay Wilder of a confident victory in the twelfth round.

Had this devastating blow been properly counted, detractors say, Wilder would be the number one heavyweight today.

Fury spoke about the situation after the fight in an interview about how he got up from that forceful blow from Wilder.

“I really don’t know how I got up,” Fury said. “I slept soundly on the floor. Suddenly I opened my eyes and jumped up.

“But he (Race) told me (in the dressing room), he told me, ‘If you get beaten up, I won’t stop fighting.’

He said, “I will tell you to step left and right.” If you can do it and tell me you’re fine, I won’t stop fighting. “

“And then when he asked me if everything was okay, I said yes.” He told me to go left and I went left. Then he told me to go right. I went to the right.

“He also said that, being the most experienced referee in America, he said, ‘If you’re not capable, then I’ll stop fighting.’ But if you can go on, I won’t. ”

Deantay Wilder beats Tyson Fury Jack Race
Esther Lynn


As it turned out, Fury really got to his feet and was able to continue. Avid Wilder fans are suffering for the time it took Fury to rise.

According to some videos, Wilder had Rage down for twelve seconds. You will need to look at the knockdown again and judge for yourself.

Wilder is set to return to the ring in the coming months. Fury’s career remains unbearable after being knocked out by Dillian White.

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Deontay Wilder ‘long count knockout loss’ still hounds Tyson Fury

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