Actress Denise Van Auten in recent months has suffered her share of heartache after a violent breakup with ex-fiancé Eddie Boxhall.

The only way is Essex The 47-year-old star behind the scenes confirmed that she and 46-year-old Eddie broke up in January after rumors that Eddie was unfaithful.

And last week, former fire and merchandise dealer Denise Eddie, with whom she regularly appeared together on Channel 4 Celebrity Gogglebox – apologized to her after the news broke that he often wrote messages to other women during their relationship.

Although he “deeply regrets” the “breach of her trust,” a source close to the mother of one of Denise’s has now revealed that the first EastEnders the star is humiliated by Eddie’s actions.

Denise confirmed she broke up with Eddie in January

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“She’s embarrassed,” the source said GOOD! “She survived him because she knows he’s wrong, but it still hurts.”

They added: “He drove the last nail into the coffin … she will never want to talk to him again.”

Within months of their bitter breakup Denise talked about the end of their seven-year romance, recently telling GOOD!Eddie “ruined” their relationship “for a few selfish moments.”

Denise, who shares 11-year-old daughter Betsy with former Lee Mead, wrote in her new autobiography A Bit Of Me: From Basildon To Broadway And Back that she asked herself if she could throw Eddie’s actions under the rug.

Denise Van Auten broke up with Eddie in January
Denise Van Auten broke up with Eddie in January

Eddie says he is "made one mistake" but flatly denies Denise's deception
Eddie says he “made one mistake” but categorically denies that he cheated on Denise

She told GOOD! “I have too much self-esteem and I just can’t live like that. I felt that in a few selfish moments he had ruined it.

“I couldn’t imagine ever feeling the same.”

Last week Eddie told The Sun: “I offended Denise, broke her trust and I am very sorry.

“I’m sitting here to say I’m holding hands for what I did wrong. I deeply regret sending these messages.

Denise reportedly broke up with Eddie because of alleged messages sent to other women
Denise reportedly broke up with Eddie because of alleged messages sent to other women

“I tried to apologize to Denise. I sent her unspeakable messages in text messages, by e-mail, saying that I loved her and that I regret what I had done – that I was ashamed and ashamed. “

Eddie – who is going to replace his girlfriend Denise, singer Blue Duncan James about the upcoming Gogglebox series – also admitted to drinking alcohol to cope with stress and heartache as a result of their breakup.

“I knew my actions had broken us,” he continued. “But I still hoped that our seven-year relationship was strong enough to withstand the mistake I made at a very gloomy moment in my life. As for Denise, the trust between us is broken and I have to respect that.”

Their split came after host Steph’s Packed Lunch Denise came across a series of questionable photos on Eddie’s iPad – one posing next to an ex-girlfriend and the other posing next to a woman’s cleavage.

Duncan James Confirms Replaces Former Eddie Boxing Denise Van Autten on Gogglebox
Duncan James Confirms Replaces Former Eddie Boxing Denise Van Autten at Gogglebox

Eddie, who categorically denies all allegations of infidelity, insisted that the photo with his ex-girlfriend was taken at a chance meeting and saved by accident.

He also claimed that the image of the cleavage was sent to him by another woman, but he did not ask her to receive it.

GOOD! asked representative Denise for comment on the matter.

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