BARIS Johnson and Rishi Sunak must put their differences aside and team up again to bring back the dream team and take back Great Britain.

The Tory turmoil of the past few months can only be resolved if the two men at the top of the Tory party get together and get on with the job. The pair met last night to discuss the pact – and Politician thinks it’s a great move, on one condition.

Boris Johnson should become the Prime Minister – he received a mandate from almost 14 million Britons – that’s 43% of the nation.

The working class Red Wall voters will not accept Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister. We want our elected party leader back and if he is not given the chance to fight for his rightful position then the Tories will see the right wing and working class vote collapse and the far right will rise again.

Boris Johnson is still very popular among the right wing. U Politician poll of over 3,000 readers on who should replace Liz Truss, a whopping 72% backed Boris Johnson.

Unless a democratically elected Prime Minister is returned to office, Britain will be no better than an African banana republic, and we will not be able to seriously defend Ukraine and yell at the mad dog that is Vladimir Putin.

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How can Britain join its democratic Western allies in challenging tin-headed dictators in foreign wars when we are bulldozing away democracy in favor of the rule of a privileged few?

It’s time for Risha Sunak to join forces with Boris Johnson – they need to come together so Britain can come together and step up.

Bring back Boris!