St Andrews Links Trust gets clean hand with redevelopment of high-tech business

The Home of Golf has engaged one of Scotland’s most exciting technology firms to implement software that will help keep St Andrews Links at the forefront of the global game.

St Andrews Links Trust, the organization that runs the world-renowned Old Course and other Links courses in St Andrews, says the introduction of vital business software has already proved transformative and will continue to improve its operations.

The move is part of the Trust’s digital transformation, which has also included a recently revamped website to modernize its digital operations and provide customers, suppliers and staff with a world-class service both on-site and online.

The impetus for the digital overhaul came after the introduction of new chief executive Neil Coulson in December and as the Trust prepared to welcome the 150th Open in July, which delivered record numbers for retail, social media and website traffic.

Paul Cree, head of finance at St Andrews Links Trust, has been involved in the institution’s transition to a powerful technology known as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and said: “There have been many positives for us and we have already made great strides forward “.

He praised the team at Scottish company Eureka Solutions, which designed and deployed the Oracle NetSuite system, which is changing the way the Trust manages seven courses, three clubs and restaurants, four shops and an extensive e-commerce website.

Mr Cree added: “I think at this stage the possibilities look endless and that’s really exciting to see and appreciate as the financial system used to be quite static and inflexible.”

Eureka Solutions was ideal to work with the Trust as the East Kilbride-headquartered firm has built an enviable reputation for implementing software for the business units of major sporting organisations, including Wasps, Hampshire Cricket and Luton Town FC.

St Andrews Links Trust faced challenges common to many such organisations, where the various commercial businesses built up over the years include many legacy systems covering finance, accounting and other business applications.

PR Scotland, Swilcan Bridge in St Andrews Links

Typically, different platforms don’t integrate or interact, creating complexity that creates a huge amount of unnecessary and wasteful work for staff across the business.

Mr Cree said this was exactly the problem at St Andrews Links Trust, where operations spanned four wholly-owned subsidiaries, providing a wide range of services and facilities. This meant that continuous growth was putting a strain on the finance team, managing multiple cost centers and revenue streams with manual processes and outdated software.

He said: “We needed to move to a more modern platform. We knew we needed a cloud option and that transforming our buy-to-pay cycle was a priority. We can now analyze our data in ways that are meaningful to us, generating the reports we need centrally, but also allowing departments and sites to access their information and only their information. The time and effort this saves at the end of the month is a big win.”

It has been such a resounding success that the Trust is already planning the next phase of the rollout, which is likely to include further integration of the Trust’s retail, Golf Academy and hospitality businesses.

He added: “We were impressed with NetSuite’s ability to respond to the often complex scenarios our business presents and the fact that, to a person, the Eureka Solutions team had excellent in-depth product knowledge presented in an exceptional way. professional and attractive.”

The Trust carried out extensive research and due diligence before appointing Eureka Solutions to deploy a bespoke version of NetSuite, which enables any business to ensure that critical business processes and data are in one system – and easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

David Lindores, CEO of Eureka Solutions, said: “It was a great honor to work with such a world-renowned sports institution and to see the software we deployed have such an immediate and positive impact.

“We have excellent experience in the field of delivery for sports and hospitality organizations. I am delighted that we have continued this, coming within budget for this project for St Andrews Links Trust.”

Eureka Solutions spent five months adapting and rolling out the solution, which now enables the Trust’s finance team to explore data at the click of a button. Key employees in all areas of the business can get instant access to the reports and financial information they need.

The system also offers advanced planning and budgeting, generates real-time forecasts, reduces planning time and supports fast and efficient business decision-making.

Eureka Solutions is a £5 million a year business with 72 employees and clients in the technology, hospitality, not-for-profit, wholesale, e-commerce and other sectors. Operating for over 18 years, Eureka Solutions is widely recognized as a leader in business systems integration for growing organizations –

Cloud software provides the drive for change at Home of Golf

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