The controversial group has claimed that about 3,000 cars have been flat since March and says their company is “growing fast”.

They are trying to lower the tires on thousands of cars and say they will not stop, even if their actions lead to accidents.

Police warned that such behavior “categorically will not tolerate”, but this threat did not deter the firefighters.

So far, they have targeted vehicles in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Brighton, Liverpool, Cambridge and Sheffield with the aim of hitting more than 10,000 cars by the end of the year.

A spokeswoman for the group, which named Marion Walker, told Sky News: “We want to intimidate everyone who drives a huge SUV that pollutes the environment in the UK city.

“There comes a time when the polite question and the protest have stopped working and it is time to act to sabotage the machines that are killing us.

“Some of us are people who live near busy polluted roads, who are slowly choking on gas.

“Others are cyclists who have been killed by an SUV too many times.

“We are all united by the science that SUVs are a climate catastrophe.”

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Ms. Bateman had to be taken to work by Uber, and her father drove up to her home to pump up the tire on her car.

She added: “After all, they didn’t do much good there because I had to use two cars instead of one.

“If you want to stop 4×4 traffic, contact the manufacturers and do something there.

“Don’t focus on people who are just trying to do their job.”

Another victim of the fire extinguishers wrote on Twitter that she did not notice that her tire went down until she was driving in her car with three children.


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