The music community has lost a star.

Malaysian singer City Sarah Raisudin died at the Universiti Kebangsaan Hospital of Malaysia Chancellor Tuanku Muhriz on Monday, August 9 after a fight with COVID-19reports the local newspaper New Straits Times. Her death, according to the publication, came a few days after she gave birth to her fourth child.

Per New Straits Timesher husband, a comedian Shuib Sepahturevealed in an information message that he and his three older children Uvais Alcarni10, Dzahira Talita Zahra8 and Arik Matin6 were able to make a video call from City Sarah before her death.

“With the help of nurses and a doctor, I was able to make a video call, and that was the last time my children and I watched her while she was still alive,” he said in a report. “At the time, I saw tears running down her cheeks as if she understood what we were telling her. I was in the hospital later after the kids went to bed and finished Yasin’s concert as well as prayers for her last But see you with her I was not allowed to. Then I returned home. “

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