Colin Rooney admitted that she “did not know how her marriage would turn out” after her husband Wayne was arrested for drunk driving during her first testimony in her high-profile libel trial.

WAG faces against Rebecca Vardy in the High Court after she accused her of giving journalists “false stories” about her personal life.

Rooney was questioned about two posts she posted on her family’s Instagram accounts – one in her private Instagram account, including Wayne, and the other without him in her public account.

Colin Rooney arrives at the High Court on the first day of testifying

She published the footage after the former England footballer was In September 2017, he was arrested for drunk driving.

It was found that he was almost three times the limit, and together with the passenger he took to the bar also in the car.

“I was in an unprotected situation, I did not know how my marriage would turn out,” she said in court.

WAG and her children were staying at her parents ’house when she posted the photos in October 2017.

Rooney said: “Wayne and I were trying to figure out our relationship and see how things were going.”

Wayne and Colin Rooney in August 2017
Wayne and Colin Rooney in August 2017, a month before his arrest while driving under the influence of alcohol

A month later, The Sun published an article saying that Wayne Rooney was “allowed back into the marriage bed” after his wife forgave him.

Colin Rooney said this is one example of a leak of private information in The Sun.

She told the court: “This was information that I was happy to share in a private group … but I did not want the public to know about it.”

At the time, Rooney complained about the leak, posting a screenshot of a private message and saying, “GRASS will hit again !!!”

She said she posted the photo in her personal account, wondering if it would be “this awful newspaper.”

She added: “If you really need money so much, you could always just ask, not cheat !!!”

She called it her “first warning shot” and said Vardy had contacted her at the time to sympathize with her over the leak.

More highlights of the day:

  • Rooney said she was “surprised” by how much interest there was in her viral post on social media, which accused Rebecca Vardy’s account of leaking stories about her, and she used it as a “last resort.”
  • She also stated that she had tried three times in vain to avoid going to court
  • Rebecca Vardy said she felt “mocked and manipulated” by testifying, and came to court to “clear my name.”

Incident with Abby Clancy

She was also questioned about Abby Clancy’s Instagram post in which the model mistakenly shared private information from Rooney.

Vardy’s lawyer Hugh Tomlinson told QC that this shows that things have been leaked before, although Rooney said this is a good example since Clancy immediately contacted her and apologized.

She said Clancy didn’t realize it was Rooney’s personal account information, and suggested deleting it.

Chipalata’s comments were “shameful”

Earlier, the High Court heard the last part of Vardy’s testimony, in which she discussed the comments she made about the fact that Peter Andre was “hung like a little chipmunk”.

Vardy, who was 22 when she did it in an interview, said she was very young at the time, and called it “shameful” and “one of my greatest regrets.”

Asked if she had talked to Andre about it since then, she said: “I didn’t talk to him, but a couple of years ago I sent his wife and him personal messages.”

Rebecca Vardy said her 'chipolata' comments about Peter Andre were 'shameful'
Rebecca Vardy said her comments about Peter Andre were “shameful”

Tensions between Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney were “b *******”

Lawyer Vardy also cited a number of media stories that testify to the tension between her footballer husband Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney due to the fact that Rebecca was constantly seeking media attention.

The stories claimed that Wayne Rooney suggested Jamie Vardy ask his wife to stay lower.

Asked if there was a conversation, Rebecca Vardy said her husband told her there was no discussion between the two men, and he called it a “busty slut.”

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She said she believed it was a fictional story told by the media to “try to cause trouble and make unnecessary drama”.

Rebecca Vardy is suing Colin Rooney for libel. The trial before Judge Stein is ongoing and a decision is expected in writing later.

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