Chris Kirchner talks about a purchase deal Derby gave him “many sleepless nights,” but now he is close to completion.

Kirchner spoke of his painstaking efforts to take control of the club after the EFL Council said it had been reported that a deal to remove Derby from the administration was imminent.

Joint Rams administrators called last month American program entrepreneur Kirchner as the preferred bidder for the club, which was recently withdrawn from the Sky Bet Championship.

Speaking to Derby Rams TV’s own TV channel, Kirchner said: “It’s been a lot of sleepless nights, stress from what it’s done.

“This is probably one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult deal I’ve ever tried to do in business for a variety of reasons.

“In terms of where we are now, I wouldn’t be here if we weren’t around.

“The EFL process, in the business plan for next year that we have to do, may be a few things, but it’s really all in the process.

This is probably one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult deal I’ve ever tried to do in business for a variety of reasons

Future Derby owner Chris Kirchner

“I think they (EFL) made a statement that reflects some of that, and then it comes to the stadium.”

Kirchner discontinued his initial interest in the club in December, but recently returned to negotiations as a Derby led by the former England captain Wayne Rooneyheaded to the first league.

The derby was handed over to the administration last September and resulted in a 12-point fine as well as an additional nine-point fine for violating accounting rules.

Kirchner’s bid to buy the club has faced a serious stumbling block with regard to its Pride Park stadium, which is still owned by former chairman Mel Morris.

Derby manager Wayne Rooney could not save the club from relegation after he was deprived of 21 points (Martin Rickett / PA)

(PA wire)

He said: “It’s just the way the previous owner’s legal entities were linked.

“The stadium and the rights to this stadium are intertwined for many of them.

“Without going into too much detail and not too complicated, obviously to have a club and have a deal officially approved by the EFL, you have to have a lease or own the territory.

“You have to have a place to play, and that’s why for all these reasons it’s connected.

“Since it is not part of the administration, it has complicated the attempt to conclude this deal because of the different parties that have to make decisions on it.”

An EFL statement on Thursday said: “Today the EFL Council was informed that the deal to remove Derby County from the administration and ownership of Mr Chris Kirchner is nearing completion.

“Evidence of sources and adequacy of funding is currently being provided, but a number of unresolved issues remain to be addressed.

“As a result, the Council instructed the executive to continue discussions with Mr. Kirchner and his representatives on finalizing the terms of the membership agreement.

“However, the issue of the status of the stadium (Pride Park) remains significant, and Mr. Kirchner continues the dialogue with the relevant parties on how this can be resolved. It is clear that the complexity associated with this aspect of the transaction is the biggest obstacle that needs to be overcome.

“EFL recognizes the current pressure due to Mr Kirchner’s position as the preferred bidder and will seek to complete the issues as soon as possible in line with the requirements set out in the League’s insolvency policy.

“The league will not comment yet.”

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