CHINA has been accused of running a “secret police base” in Glasgow targeting regime critics.

According to a report by the Spanish NGO Safeguard Defenders, the public security bureaus of two Chinese provinces have set up a global network of outposts conducting “persuasion operations” to force dissidents to return home.

Their report says there are 54 “overseas policing centers” on five continents and 21 countries, including two in London and one in Glasgow.

The group says these foreign stations are often affiliated with overseas Chinese community associations.

One of the documents seen by The Herald shows that the Glasgow branch is on Sauchiehall Street at the same address as the popular Chinese restaurant.

Dutch authorities have ordered an investigation. They say the outposts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are clearly operating illegally.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry rejected these accusations. They say there are 110 foreign units involved in combating transnational activity crime and performing administrative duties such as renewing driver’s licenses.

Under Xi Jinping, Beijing has taken harsh measures to end what little freedoms the Chinese people had, forcing many into exile.

In Hong Kong, thousands fled to Britain.

Earlier today, the Chinese MPs Investigative Group said the government should conduct an investigation “as a matter of urgency”.

“The Home Office should launch an investigation to shed more light on the activities of these police stations and whether they are operating illegally in the UK.

“A Chinese government official reportedly acknowledged the role of these stations in ‘pressuring criminals’ to return to China. These “criminals” could be Hong Kongers, Uighurs, dissidents—or even anyone else who dared to criticize the Chinese Communist Party.

“The governments of the United States, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Germany and now the Netherlands are conducting official investigations. It is important that we do not become international backward in dealing with such harmful interference.’