Todd Boli’s consortium is said to be on the verge of taking control of the Premier League giants

Todd Boley and his consortium are reportedly absorbing English football giant Chelsea “very close to completion”.

The Premier League equipment was put up for sale on March 2 by Roman Abramovich before the British government froze his assets over alleged ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As Russia’s military operation in Ukraine continues, the sale is still possible if controlled by the UK government and the US commercial bank Raine Group, which CBS claims told them that LA owner Dodgers Boeley is close to expanding his portfolio to include West London residents.

Despite the belated drama caused by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s bid of 4.25 billion pounds ($ 5.3 billion) after the deadline, and Abramovich reportedly wants his bid of 1.6 billion ($ 2 billion) was repaid, Boi and his supporters at investment firm Clearlake remained “calm” and “confident” that they would own the club.

This stems not only from Raine’s group telling Ratcliffe’s camp to “forget” about his bid, but Raine also reportedly noted to CBS that Wednesday’s talks between the two camps were “very productive” and “no alternatives” were considered.

Boehly and Clearlake are the preferred bidders and are currently in a five-day exclusivity window to try to get the deal across the line.

Initially, they assumed that the purchase of “Chelsea” would be debt-free, but if the British government freezes the $ 2 billion that Abramovich allegedly wants to return, at the moment it may remain suspended, so the sale can be completed by May 31. when Chelsea’s special operating license expires.

This will not lead to the fact that the debt will not go away and raises questions about how Abramovich will behave, when and when the sanctions will be lifted.

But CBS says Boi and Clearlake were allegedly never ready to take or pay off a debt associated with the parent company Fordstam Ltd, and intended to be transferred to a firm called Jersey-based Camberley International Investments.

According to the latest Fordstam reports, Camberley International Investments Ltd “provides financing to Fordstam Ltd and its subsidiaries as needed to keep the group operating as a going concern”.

However, it remains unclear who owns Camberley, which was established in August 2020, and Boeley and Clearlake have failed to conduct a proper audit and be sure who the money will go to if they do repay the debt.

The sale, which ends early, will lead to calm at Stamford Bridge and dispel fears that the club could end and be expelled from the Premier League.

With just four Premier League games, Thomas Tuchel and his men could also focus on trying to qualify for the Champions League and the FA Cup final on 14 May with Liverpool at Wembley without obscuring the club’s future.

Boeley and his group reportedly consider extending their contracts with England players Mason Mount and Rhys James necessary, and the young guys are attracting interest from European rivals.

Although he is currently unable to buy or sell new players or offer team members new agreements to extend their stay, Antonio Rudiger is believed to be going to Real Madrid, while captains Cesar Aspilicueta and Andreas Christensen may be in FC Barcelona.

With the new owners Tuhel could already plan for these potential losses and keep in touch with the new board on which replacements he likes best.

At the same time, however, some are concerned that Boli and Clearlake may not be willing to spend the money Abramovich normally did to make Chelsea contenders on all fronts after taking over the reins in 2003.


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