Don’t walk down the aisle quickly.

Growing Armchairs star Chase Chrisley has exclusively revealed its relationship status on the eve of the premiere of the third season. While Chase is talking about marrying a girlfriend Amy Medders in cute teaser trailerit turns out they just shouldn’t be.

“I’ll say I definitely clicked on the offer, that’s for sure,” Chase said exclusively E! News for August 8. “It’s nowhere to be seen.”

Although Chase’s mother Julie Chrisley he warned there is “not ready” to get married, Chase bought an engagement ring for Amy. However, do not expect that Chase will use this ring in the near future – in fact, he returned it.

“No, I don’t [still have it]”- Chase continued.” Amy and I don’t even meet anymore. “Sister Savannah Chairs added that “relationships come and go” in 2021, especially due to pandemic.

So what happened to the happy couple?

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