Fall 2019 was an easier time for men’s college basketball coaches. The pandemic has not yet occurred. Neither had the rules of free one-time transfer. NIL and its complications were still on the horizon.

So maybe it wasn’t the easiest time to hold Athletics Conscription of coaches for 10 years. We then asked five of our experts to choose which coaches they would like to have for the next decade, based on our scoring system and through a draft. They had to take into account the age and stability of the various candidates, not knowing how future chaotic events such as the retirement of Roy Williams, Mike Krzyzewski and Jay Wright – plus unexpected layoffs – would affect the landscape.

Last year – two seasons in this project – Iman Brennan took a healthy lead, thanks to his clever acquisition of 2021 national championship coach Scott Drew. But Brennan dropped to third after Seth Davis scored big points in Year 3 with Bill Self. But even that was not enough to put Davis first. Here is the tournament standings after three years of killing:

Writer 2019-2020 2020-21 2021-22 Total

Dana O’Neill





Seth Davis





Iman Brennan





Brian Hamilton





Brian Bennett





A reminder of how our scoring system works: 0.5 points for every win, 15 points for a regular season or tournament title, 20 points for a Sweet 16, 50 points for a Final Four and 100 points for a championship title. (Note: the result is not cumulative. Thus, if a team wins the regular season of the conference and the tournament title plus the national title, the coach will receive 115 points plus 0.5 points for each victory). In 2019, we left on the board several potential creators of the difference, most notably Kelvin Sampson of Houston (156.5 points over the past three years) and Eric Mosselman of Arkansas (76.5).

And now let’s listen to how our experts treat their teams, which have seven years left…

Dana O’Neill’s team

Coach 2021-22

Mike Krzyzewski


Mark Fu


Mick Cronin


Buzz Williams


Mike Bray


Dana O’Neill: First, I would like to pause and admire his gaze. It’s awfully beautiful upstairs. Thank you. Two years, two second places – slow and steady will win this race. I build a family, a culture!

However, I’m also waiting for a message from the Rules Committee, but I’m just going to lay it out there: I believe I will now get John Scheer in Mike Krzyzewski’s pension trade. Looks fair and smart. (And it has nothing – absolutely NOTHING – to do with his incoming class. Scout pride.). I’ll even retrospectively allow Hamilton to have Hubert Davis – even with Final Four points – and Kyle Neptune. Because I am a giver.

Coincidentally, the rules committee is a bunch of scoundrels and rules against, well, I’m still not worried. Well, maybe Gonzaga didn’t reach his heights in the final four Chet Holmgren, but the bulldogs will not go anywhere. They are going to collect wins, league titles and worthy NCAA tournaments. So the scores for Mark Fue and the scores for me.

Jaime Jacques Jr.Returning to Westwood is a great incentive for UCLA, Mick Cronin and yours indeed. In addition, Cronin has attracted another recruiting class of the top 10 with five-star Omar Bailey and Adam Bon, which very well portends my future. The news of the death of the coach in the career of Mike Bray was clearly premature, and with Base Williams, who worked on the portal – Julius Marble and Anderson Garcia through Michigan and Mississippi respectively – I also don’t give up on Aggies.

Seth Davis’ team

Coach 2021-22

Bill himself


Matt Painter


Juvan Howard


Bruce Pearl


Tony Bennett


Seth Davis: I am the face of this project. Thanks Bill Self.

When we performed this exercise, we had to consider not only the ability to gain big wins, but also longevity and viability. The consequences of FBI cases and subsequent NCAA investigations continued to extend to sports, and while many of these NCAA cases remain unresolved (take your time, people!) And many of the rules that have been violated are no longer rules, obviously not yes. I was smart to throw dice at Self and Bruce Pearl. The Kansas Championship paid off for me, and now Pearl is making more money than Auburn football coach. Isn’t this America!

Looking at these lists, it becomes clear who is in the inner lane with a clean view ahead. Dana O’Neill’s lead is as fragile as a snowflake in the desert. Coach K. gave her the final award in the final four, but now he’s finished, and Tony Bennett, Giovanni Howard and Matt Painter are still many years ahead (provided none of them go to the NBA or, you know, hit the guy in line of handshake). And looking back, I mean, how could Brian Hamilton not have predicted that Jay Wright would retire at 60?

Yes, I feel pretty good now. I saw the future, and that’s me.

Team Eamonn Brennan

Coach 2021-22

Scott Drew


John Calipari


Tom Iso


Dana Altman


Sean Miller


Iman Brennan: Last season, when I celebrated Scott Drew’s national championship triumph and reveled in the immense value of his draft position – when I patted myself on the back for an achievement I had nothing to do with, in other words – I also noted that Drew did my team completely. It didn’t matter that Tom Iza wasn’t as reliable as I thought, or that John Calipari had just gone through the worst, uncharacteristically unsuccessful season of his time in Kentucky, or even that Sean Miller no longer worked in Arizona – Brennan’s team was Drew. He was all we needed, and anyway there was still some coup. At the very least, Kentucky should have been better, right?

This season revealed wider shortcomings. It was bad in Oregon. Michigan was better, but still pretty average, and only one win in the tournament is better than 2020-21. Miller spent time in podcasts with his brother Archie Miller and Rob Dauster of Field of 68, which was fun but not very helpful. Baylor was good again, but often lost, and then fell victim to disappointment in the second round of the UNC team, which came out in the title. And, of course, Kentucky has gotten a lot better; Calipari got on the transfer portal and created a team that, according to many people, she could win everything (including, you know, me), just to defend and – despite some of the best records in the tournament for last decade – to lose St. Peters at number 15 in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Well, damn it.

There is still hope for the future. Despite Altman’s inability to get his team to play often enough last season, there is still faith in his track record that the teams will go out for the second weekend. Drew will fight for the national title almost every year. Calipari, if nothing else, proved that 2020-21 was a one-off rather than an obvious sign of decline. (Some Kentucky fans may disagree; sorry guys, but random losses in tournaments happen to everyone.) Izo is still sluggish. And Miller – instead of getting some lengthy penalty that was fully in play a few months ago (and perhaps still) – instead took up his previous job at Xavier, where he will almost certainly win, probably sooner rather than later. .

“Scott Drew won the national title” was a pretty good strategy as long as it worked. The Brennan team may need a slightly more diversified portfolio in the future.

Brian Hamilton’s team

Coach 2021-22

Jay Wright


Chris Holtman


Mike White


Roy Williams


Steve Wojciechowski


Brian Hamilton: It will probably get worse before it gets better. This is actually one prediction that I am sure of. These words I wrote a little over a year ago. This is the only impressive thing I did in this exercise because it is amazingly and pathetically correct.

Jay Wright has retired. Jay Wright has retired! JACKET. WRIGHT. RETIREMENT. I have to go through an assessment of where my election stands, but it would be easier to be an optimist chained to the railroad tracks. My draft was, um, questionable from the start. Jay Wright is leaving with enough time to win many Big East championships and NCAA tournament games – this is the end of the world. Disaster beyond comprehension. So so bad. There really shouldn’t be even words in this space. Just a GIF of audience laughter.

Many good recruits come to Ohio. Mike White starts first in Georgia. That’s all. That’s where we are here. I need to lie down.

Brian Bennett’s team

Coach 2021-22

Dan Hurley


Chris Beard


Penny Hardway


Mike Hopkins


Chris Mack


Brian Bennett: Come on and make fun of my insignificant score. Smile from my (second round!) Choice of currently unemployed Chris Mack or my unrewarded faith in Mike Hopkins, who is holding on to his job in Washington. Laugh. I’ll be here when you’re done.

It was fun, huh? Well, let me remind you that I still have Chris Byrd, Dan Hurley and Penny Hardway, and the team that is ahead of me has to spend the next seven years relying solely on Chris Holtman and coaching (lowers reading glasses) Georgia. I feel pretty comfortable, I won’t finish last when it ends in 2029, even if it’s far from the last time you’ll laugh off my list.

(Photo by Bill Self: Lance King / Getty Images)


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