Immunization of children declined sharply at the start of the pandemic as families stayed home and slowly caught up. Over the past two years, the CDC has noticed a more than 10 percent drop in state orders for vaccines for children compared to the dondemic level, a federal program that immunizes about half of children in the country.

The decline in the 2020-2021 school year means that another 35,000 undocumented children have been vaccinated against common diseases in the United States during this period, ”said Georgina Peacock, acting director of the Immunization Services, during a briefing on the subject. . Thursday.

In addition, she noted, enrollment in kindergarten during the school year decreased by 10 percent, meaning that kindergarten enrolled about 400,000 fewer children than expected, who may not be aware of their usual vaccinations.

Many factors affect slow recovery of missed childhood vaccinations during the pandemic, public health experts and practitioners say, including parents who are still catching up with doctor visits, and fluctuations in the Covid-19 vaccine are affecting attitudes toward routine immunization.

The political polarization of vaccines, the spread of misinformation about conventional vaccinations, and the fact that diseases such as measles and polio are so rare in the United States have all contributed to parents not considering whether to vaccinate their children.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been no serious outbreaks of childhood diseases that could have been prevented. And according to the latest CDC data, exemption rates – when parents seek special permission in schools not to vaccinate their children – remain low, and the number of children whose parents have applied for exemption has fallen in most states.

Of the 47 states and the District of Columbia that reported vaccination, Mississippi had the highest vaccination rate in kindergartens at 98.9 percent and the lowest in the District of Columbia at about 78 percent.

The states reported a number of factors that they felt contributed to declining rates, including parents ’reluctance to enroll in admissions, fewer documents to school, easing vaccination requirements for remote students, and a lack of staff to collect data.

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