Joe Biden called Caryn Jean-Pierre the next White House spokeswoman, the first black woman and openly LGBTQ to play the role.

She will take over from Jen Psaki when she leaves office next week.

Ms. Jean-Pierre is taking on the role at a time when the White House is facing a tough battle to help Democrats stay in the House and Senate in the midterm elections this fall.

The presidential administration is also trying to address concerns about rising inflation and the state of the economy.

Mr. Biden also returns as his senior adviser to longtime Democratic strategist Anita Dunn.

Prior to Biden’s presidential campaign, Ms. Jean-Pierre was the chief public relations officer of the progressive group and a former political analyst at NBC and MSNBC.

She also worked on political issues in the Obama White House and in his re-election campaign.

“Karin not only brings the experience, talent and honesty needed for this difficult work, but she will continue to lead the Biden-Harris administration on behalf of the American people,” the president said in a statement. .

Ms. Psaki, who leaves the White House on May 13, praised her successor as a “partner in truth.”

Ms. Jean-Pierre hugs current White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki

“Representation matters, and it is going to give a voice to many and show many that it is really possible if you work hard and dream of great things,” she said.

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