Only the tail was longer than six feet (Photo: AFP)

A rare stingray weighing 181 kg and 13 feet long has been caught in Cambodia.

Fishermen on the Mekong River were shocked to see a female giant fish – one of the rarest freshwater species in Southeast Asia.

Said Sin Piset, a river guard from the village of Co Preo Phnom Penh Mail that local fisherman Korn Safip caught him by accident.

“After he saw that he had caught a giant stingray, he urged the villagers to help him as the stingray dived further into the water in the middle of the river but remained on the hook,” said Mr. Piset.

When the villagers realized that this was a rare discovery, they contacted the Wonders of the Mekong project, which studies the biodiversity of the river.

Incredible photos show a stingray on a green plastic cover after eight people pulled it onto it. He was then tagged and released into the river.

From nose to end of tail the stingray was 13 feet long (Photo: AFP)
Rare discovery was marked and released into the river (Photo: AFP)

For comparison, the animal was as heavy as a male lion weighing about 180 kg. The length of the animal’s tail was also more than six feet.

“The fisherman said he wanted to help save the giant trout, which is threatened with extinction in the Mekong River,” the project wrote on its Facebook page.

“He also immediately contacted the Mekong Miraculous Project team and asked to identify, measure and release into the wild.”

According to Peng Bone, head of the Koh Preah fishing community, the local organization gives villagers incentives to report such rare discoveries.

This is also not the first time a giant stingray like this has been caught by fishermen by accident.

“There are many such stingrays in the Mekong River in the Siem Reap area,” Mr Bone added.

“Many of them weighing 30 to 40 kg have been caught in the past and then released.”

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Fisherman catches monster stingray that weighs more than a lion

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