In the session, the effects of the democratization of democratic democracies for a period of security and freedom are also discussed. It was also discussed how the international community could help support independent independence.

John Benjamin and David Leliot, the embassies of the Rhine-Unida in Mexico and El Salvador, are relevant to the brindoron of Los discourses of aperture and clausura. Ambos destacaron la importancia de la libertad de los mediums de komunicación como un komponentne clave de las comunidades pro-democratic:

“The free exchange of ideas is the engine of development, so economical as political and social. Conducted activities reduce the freedom of communication media from contractors, ”said David Leliot.

«In the last 15 days, more than 700 periodicals benefited from a recent project of formation of the UNESCO Office in Mexico, with the support of our embassy, ​​the Institute of Transition of Information and Personal Data (IN) of the federal government », recalls John Benjamin, in relation to the work of the British Embassy in Mexico to promote the freedom of communication media and support the periodicals.

The Committee for the Protection of the Periodists (CPJ), Mexico, is the largest country in the world to be a periodical for a conflict zone. The CPJ informs that the 25-year-olds are all in the world in 2022, now he has been in Mexico.

El Reino Unido mantiene su compromiso de promove el periodismo independiente en todo el mundo, esencial para construir societades abiertas, prosperas and democratikas. The debate will focus on the freedom of the media to communicate in the regional level to inform the United Nations in the periodicals of national projects such as regional ones.

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