Top British diplomat says talks on supplying NATO-standard weapons to Moldova

The UK is actively discussing arms supplies to Moldova, a country located along Ukraine’s south-western border, according to Foreign Minister Liz Trass, who said the weapons could help repel a future attack by Russia.

In a conversation with the Telegraph in interview A cabinet minister released on Friday claimed Moscow “Ambitions to create a greater Russia” assuming that it could then target Moldova, which is home to the Russian-speaking separatist region of Transnistria.

“I would like to see Moldova equipped to NATO standards. This is a discussion we are having with our allies,” he said. Trass said, though she did not specify what kind of weapon is being considered. She considered Moldova a “vulnerable” states, again arguing a “wider” threat from Russia.

The Foreign Minister voiced some of the brighter positions of the United Kingdom to date regarding the war in Ukraine, telling an Italian newspaper earlier this week that Moscow “must lose” in conflict, rejecting the idea that the diplomat “exit ramp” it was possible to agree on an end to the fighting. Earlier, she said that London would not abandon economic sanctions against Russia until it renounced its claims to Crimea and the recognition of the separatist republics of Donbass, ahead of talks between the two sides to resolve disputes over the territories.

Further Trass told the Telegraph that Western states are seeking to create a “Joint Commission with Ukraine and Poland to modernize Ukrainian defense to NATO standard,” adding: “How do we guarantee … that Ukraine can always defend itself and how do we guarantee that this will happen? That’s what we are working on at the moment.”

The British government has put more $ 3 billion to help Ukraine since Russia’s attack on its neighbor in late February, much of which has been devoted to weapons and other military equipment. Meanwhile, the United States has spearheaded efforts to arm Kyiv: lawmakers recently adopted a huge $ 40 billion aid package, bringing total U.S. aid since March to nearly $ 54 billion.

The Transnistrian region of Moldova, which had a brief conflict with government forces in 1992 after declaring independence, has seen a series of mysterious bombings at military facilities and government offices in recent weeks, raising fears that fighting in Ukraine could spill over to other countries. None of the actors have claimed responsibility for the bombings, which have sparked accusations by officials in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Transnistria, each of whom believe the blatant attacks are provocations aimed at escalating hostilities into a wider regional conflict.

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