Britain and Japan intend to agree on a new defense agreement when Boris Johnson receives Japan’s prime minister in London on Thursday.

Downing Street said the Prime Minister The meeting with Fumio Kishida is expected to end with the signing of a “landmark” mutual access agreement.

An agreement would allow the British and Japanese forces for joint deployment to conduct exercises, joint exercises and disaster relief.

Mr. Kishida’s official visit will be marked by a guard of honor and a RAF flight over central London.

The flight is expected to take place around 11.10 and will include two fighters Typhoon and RAF Voyager Vespina.

Leaders of the two countries are also expected to discuss the war in Ukraine and how the West can put further pressure on the Russian president. Vladimir Putinregime of Russia.

They are also expected to agree to work more closely together under the UK’s Pure Green Initiative.

Downing Street said it would allow the UK and Japan to work together to support Asian countries in developing renewables and provide alternative supplies of Russian oil and gas.

Ahead of the arrival of the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Johnson said: “As the two largest island democracies, as well as the world’s third and fifth largest economies, the UK and Japan are focused on stimulating growth, creating highly skilled jobs and ensuring that we remained superpowers in technology.

“The visit of Prime Minister Kishida will accelerate our close defense relations and build on our trade partnership to stimulate major infrastructure projects across the country while supporting our upgrade agenda.”

The two leaders are also expected to discuss the war in Ukraine and how the West can put further pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The leaders of the two countries are also expected to bring food from the Fukushima region, including Japanese popcorn, during Thursday’s meeting.

Number 10 said it would symbolize the lifting of remaining food restrictions from the Japanese region following the 2011 nuclear disaster.

Meanwhile, former Conservative Minister Greg Clark, an MP from Tunbridge-Wales, is also scheduled to announce as Britain’s new trade envoy to Japan.

Britain and Japan began talks on strengthening defense relations in September 2021.

In the same month, Australia, Britain and the United States signed the Aucus Treaty on the Development of Nuclear Submarines for Canberra in an attempt to increase joint naval activities in the region.

This came after the UK government published its comprehensive review of defense and foreign policy last year.

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