Boris Johnson acknowledged that the cost of living crisis “will continue”, but said people asking what else the government would do to help “just have to wait a little longer”.

The Prime Minister is facing a growing call – including from a number of Tories – to accept the idea of ​​Labor of a one-time fee from oil and gas companies, which received large profits as a result of rising energy prices.

The idea is that tax revenues will be used to depreciate difficult families from the impact of growing household bills that have helped bring inflation to its highest level in four decades.

Opposing such a move is based on the idea that it could discourage investment.

The Prime Minister, speaking to reporters during a visit to a school in south-east London, said: “No option is being considered, let’s be absolutely clear on this.

“I do not attract, in fact, new taxes.

“But, as I said, we need to do everything we can – and we will – to take care of people through the effects of COVID-19, through the current energy price pressures that we are witnessing after COVID, and with what is happening in Russia, and we are going to hug people, as during the pandemic. “

The Prime Minister has identified policies that are already in place, including measures worth 22 billion pounds to mitigate the effects of raising electricity bills and utility taxes, as well as increasing the surcharge for warm housing.

“There is a constant flow of effort to protect people,” Mr Johnson said.

Asked if there was any more help, he replied: “Of course. This will continue.

“Everyone sees rising energy prices. We still have a lot to do. But we have to wait a little longer.”

Earlier Monday, Treasury Secretary-General Simon Clark, told Sky News that oil and gas firms may face a profit tax if they do not reinvest their income, and that such a policy cannot be ruled out in the face of “extreme pressure on family finances”.

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